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Sleep... the best beauty treatment

It’s common sense: smile and sleep. There’s better way to look good and have beautiful skin.

Whether or not you have a great smile, smiling conveys happiness, kindness and peace. And that has a positive effect on your image, whatever your nature. And what’s more, it’s so easy to smile!  

Sleeping is just as effective, but not always as easy. Many people find it hard to sleep. And you need to find a solution for this! Because, as you’re going to see, sleeping well has an extraordinary effect on our skin.

To start with, sleeping is one of our body’s most important activities, since our body expels toxins and regenerates all its tissues and cells while we’re sleeping. Collagen, the main factor responsible for giving our skin its firmness and density, is also regulated as we sleep.

Here are some guidelines to ensure truly restorative sleep:

Cleanse and moisturise your skin. And if you’re feeling lazy about it, turn the ritual into something pleasurable. How? By using products that leave your skin clean, hydrated and feeling comfortable. Choose your treatment based on your skin type:

Sleep on your back. When you sleep on you back, your skin is free and the pores are much more easily oxygenated.

Try to sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day. It has been shown that the body needs this long to carry out all its regenerative and detoxifying functions.

Do relaxation exercises. Breathing is vital in these exercises; learn to breathe correctly. It’s not only essential in order for the body to work properly, but it even improves the quality of sleep.

So remember: sleep. There’s no better beauty treatment.

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