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Starting the day looking your best... is possible

We know there are no magic formulas! But that doesn’t mean that with the right attitude, positive vibes and time it can’t be done.

We also know that you can get away with burning the candle at both ends when you're young. Until the day when the first wrinkle sets off an alarm.

The best thing would be to look after ourselves from the outset. When we don’t seem to need to. But we often only do things when they become necessary. And let’s not get worked up about it; after all, life is all about stages.

What we do know is that a healthy lifestyle will make it easier to look your best every day when you get out of bed. Our #SmartAging lifestyle will help you get not just the skin you want but the life you wish for.

Let's start at the beginning. The morning routine:

Morning cleansing:

Wash your face well every morning without fail. As this is the start of the day we recommend you use the system you like most and which is best for your skin type from our Essentials range. After all, if you don’t use a product you like, you’ll eventually stop using it.

Moisturising the eye contour area:

The area around your eyes, together with the skin on your neck, is one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of the face, neck and neckline. Moisturise it well each morning before applying any other product. Pat the product in gently with the pad of your ring finger. This is your weakest finger, so using it will ensure you don't tug at the skin.

There are two basic eye contour needs: under-eye puffiness/dark circles and wrinkles. At MartiDerm we can offer you Expression Gel and Eye Correct.

Expression Gel moisturises, fills and re-densifies wrinkles in the eye contour and lip areas. Eye Correct reduces, conceals and eases under-eye puffiness and dark circles.

If both things are your problem, you can use them at the same time, alternating products.


Once you’ve tried this step you won't be able to stop. It prepares, nourishes and relaxes the skin (thanks to the massage, too) before the next treatment. The secret is the texture and the ease with which it is absorbed. Again, choose the serum that best matches your needs. What we can guarantee is that at MartiDerm we cover them all!

Moisturising the rest of the face, neck and neckline:

This is where our offering really comes into its own. It all depends on your skin type, whether you have your period, are stressed, the time of year, your personal tastes and more. After all, you don’t have to stick to the same product forever. Try something new when you want and above all ask your trusted specialist or at your usual pharmacy. It’s fun to change - in fact, we love it!

If you still don’t know them, start playing around with our ampoules.But be warned - you’ll find it hard to change once you’ve tried them.


We never tire of saying it: in summer, autumn, spring and even in the depths of winter. You must protect yourself from the sun year-round. We suggest DSP-Cream SPF 50+ from the Pigment Zero range.

And most important of all: enjoy the process. Looking after yourself matters. But becoming aware of the fact that you’re looking after yourself is just as or even more rewarding.

Do you want to change your skin? Then change your habits. And without even realising it, life will get better!

Live your life the smart way. Live #SmartAging.

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