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Sun: just a little of what you fancy

No matter what it is -sport, cosmetic treatments, food, clothes, whatever- when we like something, many of us find it hard to keep it in check. And when that happens, the results are never good: injuries, unnatural expressions, too much or too little weight, clothes we don't even remember we have... The same thing happens when we go overboard with the sun: dark spots, red blotches, sunburn, wrinkles, saggy skin, headache and cancer, among others.

We don’t mean to alarm you. But we don't want to be glib, either. The sun is necessary and good for our body; UV rays help us produce vitamin D, fundamental for strengthening our bones. And it can have a positive impact if you're stressed or depressed.

 - We know the sun has many benefits, but to enjoy it danger-free you have to:

- Use a good sunscreen.

- Stay out of it during the hottest parts of the day.

- Wear light, cool clothing.

- Keep your skin constantly hydrated.

Below are a number of recommendations to consider now the good weather is upon us: 

  • Use sunscreen. Fundamental. At MartiDerm we have a sun protection range that covers the months prior to summer (prevention), the hot months (protection) and even the months after (correction). Discover Pigment Zero and choose the product that’s right for you, your skin and needs.
  • Try to stay out of the sun between midday and 4 in the afternoon, as this is the time when the sun is strongest and the risk of diseases such as melanoma (skin cancer) is at its peak. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every two hours. 
  • Cover your head. This will prevent heat stroke and sunburn.
  • Drink water. We advise against drinking beer or sugary drinks. It might seem like they're hydrating you but they're not. 
  • Love yourself. This might be the most important point of all. If you love yourself, you will take care of yourself; if you take care of yourself, you will protect your skin. And if you protect your skin you will enjoy the sun danger-free. It will fill you with energy and make you look healthy and alive. 

So enjoy the sun, enjoy the good weather and enjoy everything that makes you feel well. But remember, “just a little of what you fancy”. #SmartAgin

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