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Technology and skin.

These are tough times. The term “self-isolation” is daunting and our eagerness to reach out to other human beings and information means we are never off our electronic devices: phone, tablet, computer...we can't get enough. Maybe it's time to step back.

To video chat with friends and loved ones, work, do the shopping, take a yoga class, binge on series and films, get bored, read, watch the news... More than ever, technology is our window to the world. The problem is we are overusing our devices without realising how they affect, for example, our skin.


Phone overuse can have physical repercussions like tech neck, a phenomenon recognised by the WHO and involving neck pain and the accelerated appearance of signs of aging. Stiffness and tension in the neck, shoulders and back, in addition to the development of a double chin and horizontal wrinkles. In other words: sagging.

How to combat tech neck? By limiting mobile phone use, wearing headphones and, of course, using the right cosmetic products.

We recommend Neck-Line Correct Serum, specifically created to care for the neck, neckline and facial contour. It not only deep-moisturises but helps reduce a double chin, making skin look younger.

BLUE LIGHT...from electronic devices

The sun emits blue light among other types. That is why we must protect ourselves with sunscreen. Yet electronic devices emit blue light too and no-one thinks of slapping on sunscreen in these days of isolating at home...

Blue light negatively impacts sleep, damages the retina, stimulates the creation of free radicals, can cause dark spots and, obviously, premature skin aging. It is what we sadly know as digital aging.

How to combat blue light? As in the case above, by limiting the use of electronic devices and using dedicated cosmetic products.

Epigence Optima SPF 50+ is one of our most revolutionary antiaging ampoules. It protects against UV/IR/blue light and the radiation emitted by wifi and Bluetooth devices. And it gives you visibly firmer, more hydrated skin.

We also suggest Proteos Screen SPF 50+, a very fluid face cream that helps repair the signs of premature skin aging and provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB/IR/HEV (blue light) rays.

These are tough times. But it is up to each of us to springboard this crisis into an opportunity. We have to keep active, stay safe, follow a timetable and, above all, love ourselves. It is the first step to riding it out and emerging triumphant. Now, more than ever, #SmartAging.


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