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Tell me how you apply your cream and I’ll tell you... whether you're doing it right

Did you know that the effectiveness of any cosmetic product also lies in how you apply it? Probably not. But don’t worry! Today we give you a short guide on making the most of your cream:

Damp skin

Damp skin better absorbs any substance you apply to it. The best time is after showering: your skin will be perfectly clean and not only will it be more receptive to a cream, serum or ampoule - it will need one. Plus, the feeling of moisturising after a shower can't be beat. For the body we recommend Hidra-Firming Body Lotion, with natural alpha-hydroxy acids. And any of our famous ampoules is right for the face. Choose the one that's best for your skin and your needs. You’ll leave home feeling great, moisturised and bright.

The heat of your hands

Don’t apply cream directly to the skin. Put a small amount in your hands, bring your palms together and rub gently: heat activates the skin’s metabolism and makes it more receptive to treatments.

‘THE’ massage

There are just 2 rules: it shouldn’t last more than a minute and it should be done using circular movements in an upwards direction. From the middle to the outside of the face. Giving yourself a massage can be fabulous. So don’t waste this chance to include it in your daily routine.

Kobido, or the “surgery-free facelift”

Although massaging yourself has clearly visible effects...  a Japanese face massage is even better. Kobido helps rejuvenate the face and repair the facial tissue, preventing and reducing the impact of the aging process. It brings about a visible improvement in the skin, making it brighter, eliminating and preventing wrinkles, reducing under-eye puffiness and intensely moisturising the skin. After all, Kobido in Japanese means 古美道: “ancient way of beauty”.

And why do we like this Japanese massage so much here at MartiDerm? Because its principles are the same as ours: according to Kobido philosophy, in line with Oriental traditions, beauty emerges from the perfect balance between physical, emotional and spiritual health. Just like our #SmartAging philosophy.

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