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Why does a healthy body help us to have a healthy mind?

It is not easy to explain what relationship exists between the mind and the body. This matter must always be dealt with carefully, because it is clearly a complex issue. We must not associate the two worlds sequentially or chronologically, because one does not always occur after the other or vice versa. Although the relationship between the biological and the psychic exists, they are not always connected in the same way, and when faced with the situation of either one, it will affect the other in a different way.  

Therefore, it is possible that both the conditions that affect your body can develop psychological situations as a result, and the other way around, certain states of mind may affect how your body reacts. Therefore, to prevent being reductionist, the two aspects must be considered as one. Looking after our health well gives our body a good environment so that our mind does not have to act in a way that might affect us and which, ultimately, may make our body exercise needs that it is not prepared to endure.  

Therefore, people depend on their purely biological or psychological condition but also on many other factors that surround them and their closest circle. If we have certain activities or routines that favour relaxation or resilience it is very likely that we find positive benefits for our body.  

What activities are beneficial? 

To encourage your body not to be hyper-activated, provoking first psychological stress and then affecting your body due to being in a constant state of alert; there are activities that favour balance between the body and mind.  

These activities combine postural physical exercise with breathing control such as yoga or pilates. They involve exercises that align the mind with your body looking for your centre of gravity and pressure (abdominal area). They promote well-being and sensations such as tranquillity or peace of mind so that reactivity to your daily life is reduced and your suffering is more bearable. 

They also allow your body to lower its activity to reasonable levels. This mind-body alignment process allows for certain physiological activities to be enhanced. In the case of the skin, skin regeneration will be activated, encouraging its oxygenation and gradually increasing its elasticity and firmness.  

Do beauty routines exist? 

Not only is exercise beneficial, but there are also different routines specifically for taking care of your skin. Among these, we recommend using relaxing baths with natural essences. Your skin will absorb the nutrients you need in an atmosphere of muscular and vascular relaxation. 

Another routine is Kobido massage, originating from Japan, that brings together concepts of traditional Japanese medicine with traditional Japanese massage techniques (Anma). The massage is based on pressure and relaxing certain areas of the body and face to facilitate vascular and lymphatic flow. These contractions improve oxygenation of the skin releasing built-up muscular tension.  

 Smart-aging tips  

Doing exercise and using therapies to care for your skin are not the only important aspects. There are many ways to encourage the separation of the activation and relaxation cycles. These recovery time oases are very necessary for your body not to affect your mood or the other way around.  

It is very important to distance yourself from the problems and put aside some time to do daily activities such as walking or doing light exercise. We cause aging if we make our body or our mind work at levels higher than appropriate. Therefore, it is crucial to enjoy moments outside our normal or daily activity. Get up early and watch the sunrise or leave work early and enjoy a book at sunset. Even if it is cold, enjoy outdoor activities with gentle exercise or breathing routines. That way you will get the necessary order and peace for the activation-relaxation cycles not to affect your day-to-day.  

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