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Young, healthy skin for longer? Protect it from the sun.

It’s that simple. We can use the best treatments but if we don’t protect our skin from the sun they won't stop it from aging prematurely. In other words, nothing will prevent what we call photoaging (the process the skin suffers due to prolonged exposure to the sun over time and which is responsible for aging).

The good news? Protecting your skin from photoaging is possible and can be done...all year round.

And, as pharmacist and dermopharmacy specialist Estefanía Blanco explains, it is very important to use products that protect us from radiation and therefore photoaging.

As we always say: don’t let it get you down - turn it around! Let’s get to work: what products can help us protect and care for our skin?



In addition to protection, we need to start an antioxidant routine that will help us reverse the aging caused by exposure to the sun (photoaging) and other external aggressions. Our ampoules with a high concentration of vitamin C have a powerful antioxidant effect and make skin bright, moisturised and firm.


Proteos Hydra Plus: antioxidant-rich formula with a powerful moisturising and firming effect. With proteoglycans and vitamin C, it makes skin bright and helps reduce wrinkles. For dry skin.

Proteos Hydra Plus SP: antioxidant-rich formula with a powerful moisturising and firming effect. With proteoglycans, vitamin C and SPF, it makes skin bright and helps reduce wrinkles. For combination skin.

And our star ampoule, Photo-Age HA+, with 15% vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant effect. The result of the synergy between vitamin C, Proteum 89+ and hyaluronic acid, it prevents and reduces the signs of photoaging (expression lines, wrinkles, dark spots and sagging) while protecting the skin from daily aggressions.


After applying your antioxidant ampoule it is time to use sunscreen. Proteos Screen SPF 50+ and Proteos Screen SPF 50+ Color Fluid Cream are the perfect choice to protect the skin from the sun and from broad-spectrum radiation such as IR and blue light rays. The combination of proteoglycans, Spectrum Complex and the hyaluronic acid and silicon complex helps keep skin looking young, fresh and evenly toned. They are also suitable for all skin types.

We sometimes need to remember that protection is the bedrock of all treatments. Any product your skin may need will be more effective if you start from that basis. #SmartAging logic ;)

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