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Your skin and long weekends

Lovely long weekends: the mini-holidays of the year when we can switch off and recharge our batteries. They’re also a good time to pamper your skin.

The ideal would be to spend this upcoming long weekend at a spa, enjoying the peace and calm and exquisite treatments. But the fact is we often prefer to go on a wine route, a city break or an adventure in the desert.

Our skin still needs looking after, however. Here are some of our skincare essentials:

  • Cleansing: cleanse your face morning and night. If you're pushed for time, you could do it just at night and splash some warm water on your face in the morning. Also, depending on your tastes and needs, we could offer you a Micellar Cleansing Solution (75 or 300 ml), Micellar Cleansing Gel or Micellar Cleansing Oil. All three formats are very easy to use and, above all, effective.
  • Moisturising: moisturising is another fundamental step after cleansing. Choose one moisturiser over another depending on your skin and your needs. You will probably use a different moisturiser in the morning than at night, but if you’re going to a big city, we recommend a special moisturising cream to protect you from pollution, sunlight and blue light: Urban Force Serum - On Top for day and Urban Restore Serum at night.
  • Sunscreen: Whether you’re off to London in rainy weather, the Sahara Desert, the North Pole or just driving somewhere an hour from home, don't forget sunscreen - it’s a staple. Our DSP-CREAM SPF 50+ gives you the protection you need to go outside wherever you are.
  • Flash perfect skin for a perfect night: And after a day of taking in the sights - what about a meal in that on-trend restaurant everyone’s talking about? No problem: take a mini-ampoule of Flash Instant Anti-fatigue Action for stunning skin following an exhausting day.
  • Shampoo: you might not believe it, but travelling is stressful, too. And as we know, hair is one of the first things affected by stress. When you travel you don't know whether the hotel shampoo will be good for your hair, your friend has brought hers or you’ll have to buy some when you get there. Don't risk it! Our Anti-Aging Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo activates collagen production through hyaluronic acid, deeply moisturising with every wash.
  • Tired legs: The truth is that trips are fantastic, but we wind up exhausted. How often have you taken to your hotel bed with your legs raised? Our Legvass Emulsion moisturises, protects and activates blood microcirculation. It also relieves the feeling of heavy legs and swollen feet and ankles.

With this kit you have everything you need! Then we can't forget makeup, clothes, etc. Everyone knows that women don't find it easy to pack. But W-H-O C-A-R-E-S? We need things and we don't want to go without them. Owning it is liberating. Another way to practice #SmartAging... ;)

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