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Your skin and the cold

Cold, heat, temperature changes, emotions, pollution, sun ... When you think about it, your skin is constantly coping with all sorts of pressures. That’s why it’s a good idea to look after it and treat it as it deserves. Your skin protects you and how it looks says a lot about you.

We normally take action when we notice that our skin is dry, we have bleeding lips and sensitive cheeks. The same thing happens every year. But do you have to wait for it to get that far?

Moisturise your skin more frequently. That is, assuming you’re already doing it in the morning and at night. Yes, it can be a pain. But it’s all about getting into the habit! The whole body, hair, hands, feet, face, eye and lip contour.

As we said earlier, your skin says a lot about you. Your hands, for instance, could be your best way to make a good first impression. By looking at people’s hands, we can guess their age, profession, the type of life they’ve lived, their current lifestyle and how well they look after themselves. And you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes. The other thing is that our hands suffer the most when the cold weather comes. Wear woollen gloves and, whenever you remember, put on a special hand cream several times a day, to keep your hands protected and moisturised. And if it’s available in pocket size, all the better. That way, you’ll have no excuses. You can take it with you wherever you go!

Even though they’re tempting, avoid hot showers. All you’ll end up with is dryer skin that is even flakier. Warm showers and, if you’re really brave, cold showers are what you need. This revives your skin. It improves its appearance and makes it smoother, stops itching and eczema, and stimulates your circulation.

And since we always forget about them, we thought we’d mention them here: look after your feet. In the summer, they are subjected to all types of stress: sandals, rubbing and goodness knows what else. Then, in winter, we totally forget about them in socks and boots. NO, NO, NO.

After every shower, rub them with an old towel. This gentle, yet effective, exfoliation will have noticeable results if you keep doing it after every shower. Afterwards, put plenty of moisturising cream on them, and, if you’re at home, put on cotton socks. They help maintain the moisture from the cream, so it can really soak in. And if you’re going out, wear woollen socks. They’ll keep you warm and absorb any excess sweat.

Finally, no matter whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, use sunscreen. UVB rays will always penetrate your skin, no matter how cloudy or cold it is. So, if you want to protect your skin, put on sunscreen or a cream that contains sunscreen, half an hour before you go out (to benefit the most from it).

We know we’re giving you a long task list. But you’ll get so much out of it that we'll never stop encouraging you to look after yourself. When all is said and done, looking after yourself is loving yourself. And loving yourself is being happy. Long live SmartAging!

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