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Your Skin in Spring.

After months of lockdown, cold and ongoing use of a face mask, it's no wonder that now spring is here we have the urge to venture into the great outdoors, take our mask off, stretch out on the grass or sand...and enjoy a spot of well-deserved sunbathing.

In fact, sunbathing is instrumental to our health. Our body metabolises the sun's rays through the skin and turns them into the vitamin D we need to absorb calcium. It is also important for our nervous, muscular and immune systems.

On the other hand, and as we never tire of reminding you, too much sun can have some potentially harmful effects. The recommendation is to sunbathe for 10-15 minutes a day. If you are going to be outside for longer, you must use sunscreen and, if possible, some type of hat.

Additionally, after all this time, most of us will have sensitive, dry or irritated skin. That's why it is also a good idea to gradually measure out your exposure to the sun and do it carefully. 

What do you need to know?


As unlikely as it may seem, exfoliating is necessary, especially if your skin is dry. The scrub you use has to be mild, of course, and it should be performed gently. That goes for the skin on your body and the skin on your face.

At MartiDerm we recommend our Body Scrub. It delivers active cleansing, removes impurities and encourages cell renewal for softer, smoother skin.

For the face, it’s our Facial Scrub, which deep-cleanses to remove impurities and renew the skin.


Both for body and face.

Fast-absorbing Hidra-Firming Body Lotion delivers intensive and prolonged moisturisation for firmer, softer skin.

For the face, at this time of year a lightweight moisturising product is always advisable and, if possible, one with hyaluronic acid. These are some of our products that contain it:

Krono-Age Serum. Our anti-aging serum with stem cells for a redensifying and restorative effect. Restores damaged skin or skin with a tendency to irritation. Also prevents against sagging and helps define the oval of the face.

Expression Gel. Intensive antiaging gel that helps redensify and soften wrinkles and expression lines in the eye and lip contour area.

Ionto-Filler Lip Contour. Transepidermal patches that firm the skin and reduce wrinkles in the lip contour area instantly, visibly and with a lasting effect.

Photo-Age HA+. A fast-absorbing Platinum Range ampoule for all skin types. It protects against free radicals, repairs sun damage and evens tone. Makes skin elastic and firm and moisturises in-depth thanks to the combination of very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and Proteum 89+, the MartiDerm exclusive proteoglycan. The high concentration of vitamin C brightens the skin and has a strong antioxidant power.


As we said at the start, at this time of year if there is one thing that really matters it is to use sunscreen. 

Proteos Screen SPF 50+. Easily absorbed liquid face cream that prevents and helps repair the signs of premature skin aging. The cream-to-powder texture has a silky, invisible skin feel. It provides broad spectrum protection against UVA/UVB, IR and HEV (blue light) rays. The combination of proteoglycans, Spectrum Complex and the hyaluronic acid and silicon complex helps keep skin looking young, fresh and evenly toned.

Proteos Screen SPF 50+ Color Fluid Cream. During summer, the ideal thing is to replace makeup with lightweight textures featuring colour and sunscreen. This is one of them. In fact, it is our Proteos Screen SPF 50+ cream with colour microbeads version. It is also easily absorbed and prevents and helps repair the signs of premature skin aging. The colour emerges when you apply the emulsion to the skin, massaging in softly to release a natural tone that adapts to all skin types, enhancing your appearance. 

Epigence Optima SPF 50+. Sunscreen and loads more in our classic ampoule format. A revolutionary global antiaging formula that protects against the UV/IR/blue light and radiation emitted by wifi and Bluetooth devices.


Stroll, smile, love yourself, take care of your skin and enjoy spring. Looking after yourself is a sign of good mental health. It is also a great way to cheer yourself up if you’re feeling blue. #SmartAging philosophy.

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