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Give yourself the gift of time!

I’m sure you’ve often heard people talk about the importance of taking time out for yourself. But how often do you do it?

I know... We're all so busy: long work days, meetings, running around from morning to night... With maybe a family and kids to look after on top. We even manage to make ourselves feel guilty about wanting some time for ourselves. But let’s be clear about it. Dedicating time to yourself is good for clearing the mind and renewing energy.

We've forgotten how important it is to take a break to think things through and touch base with ourselves. That’s why we've prepared a few tricks to make this practice part of your daily routine:

  1. Remember that your needs matter and you mustn’t feel guilty about prioritising them.
  2. Detect the point at which stress starts to try to combat it. It might be that the environment or situation it creates just isn't worth it.
  3. Learn to say no and stop justifying yourself.
  4. Pay attention to your health: exercise, look after your body, spend some time reading, eat well and get enough sleep. You’ll see how it pays off in your physical appearance.
  5. Feel at ease with yourself. Look in the mirror and feel beautiful, sure of yourself. Accepting yourself is the first step towards happiness.
  6. Spend more time with people who are positive in your life.

Join the Smart Aging philosophy and make sure to set time aside for yourself every day to relax alone or do something you fancy. The better you feel about yourself, the better your relationships with others will be.

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