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Pilates in the water: fight off the heat with relaxation exercises

Looking after yourself has never been so easy. We now have dozens of fitness disciplines with differing intensities to take care of our body and, very importantly, to also take care of our mind.

The Pilates method, for example, is a system of physical and mental training established at the beginning of the 20th century by Josep Hubertus Pilates, who created it by combining his knowledge on different specialities such as gymnastics and yoga.

The benefits of Pilates are extraordinary: It shapes and tones the muscles, corrects posture, increases elasticity and reduces stress.
But... Could Pilates be even better? It seems so. Pilates in the water or Aqua Pilates combines the best of both worlds.

Being in the water and not having to bear our body weight means that impacts are avoided. This makes Pilates in the water an ideal sport for anyone who wants to take care of his or her body, gently and effectively. But it is also for people who suffer muscle or articular pain or soreness or need to recover from an injury.

Doing these exercises in the water relaxes us and we have fun at the same time. First, because it takes us away from our usual habitat. Second, because the benefits of a session in the water are multiple: it reduces stress, relaxes, balances body and mind, gives us pleasure, makes us happy, fights off the heat, awakens the senses... These benefits have a direct impact on our appearance and our skin. We need to know that stress attacks the immune system, which can cause allergies or blotches on the skin. It is also involved in the functioning of blood circulation, causing premature aging, wrinkles on the forehead and around the nose, loss of firmness and elasticity... Do you need any more reasons? Of course not! Splish, splash! ;)

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