17-02-2020 | Dermatologist | Sport

The Benefits of Morning Sport: True or False?

I'm sure you've read numerous theories about the benefits of doing sport in the morning. And no doubt many are true. But none is conclusive: all theories are general and when it comes to health the best thing is to know yourself and, if you have any questions, see a specialist.

In any case, there are a number of guidelines that can help you decide:


-If you want to lose weight.

-If you sleep well at night.

-If you're in good health.

-If it makes you feel good.

-If it's the only time you can do it.

-If work commitments and family time often become trickier as the day goes on and unexpected events crop up.


-If you have a cardiovascular problem.

-If you have diabetes.

-If it makes you feel nauseous.

-If you don't get enough sleep.

-If you don't rest for long enough.

-If it means you have to skip breakfast.

On the other hand there are a number of compelling reasons in favour of morning sport, such as: people who do sport in the morning do it more consistently; sport releases endorphins and makes us feel more awake; exercise helps control appetite...

But the most important and definitive theory is this: yes, do sport in the morning...if you can't work out in the afternoon or evening. And do sport in the afternoon or evening....if you can't work out in the morning.

In other words: listen to your body. Listen to its needs. At the end of the day it's about looking after ourselves conscientiously, feeling and being well. Straight-up#SmartAgingattitude.

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