23-04-2019 | Dermatologist | Sport

To work out or not to work out... that is the question

“I should go to the gym ... but I don't feel like it”, “I've paid for half a year ...but everything hurts”, “I’m flabby ...but I’m not too bad”. Sound familiar? I bet it does. It's what we often tell ourselves when we have to go to the gym.

Laziness, fatigue, something better that’s come up...the fact is there are many reasons to stop doing sport. But it's also true that, if you get over them, you’ll soon find it hard to go without your workout, yoga session or jog. Want to know how?

  • Choose the sport or exercise that works best for you. For example, running has been big for a while now. But maybe you don’t like it or you have knee problems. Perhaps your friends love spinning. But working out on a bike that goes nowhere doesn’t grab you, either. So what about yoga? Get out there, try things on for size and find what appeals. It’s all about settling on something that suits you and, above all, that you will do!
  • Create your own routine. If you have a fixed (AND COMFORTABLE) schedule for your training sessions, sport will become a habit, not an obligation.
  • Set a goal. This is one of the key points to not giving up. Everyone has their own personal goal: reaching an ideal weight, achieving a yoga pose, getting rid of cellulite, running a kilometre faster, getting a better night’s sleep...
  • Music - the next best thing to a personal trainer. A good playlist can be your best ally when it comes to working out. Particularly if you run. One good trick is to run in bursts timed to match the songs, and over time build up to 10 minutes at a go. There are plenty of dedicated sports training playlists around. Just find one that works for you!
  • “I couldn't be bothered if I’m by myself”. Having a workout pal is usually a surefire method for not missing a training session. It's much harder to say no if you've made a commitment to someone.
  • Patience. Depending on the goal, results can sometimes take a while to achieve. Only consistence will bring them closer, faster.

And finally, a MartiDerm insider’s tip: during your workout, picture the purifying, relaxing and wonderful shower you can have afterwards. A shower followed by head-to-toe moisturisation. It will leave you feeling like you're floating on air.

Use our Hidra-Firming Body Lotion and take advantage to give yourself a good massage. That alone will get you exercising again the next day.

That is the key to a #SmartAging lifestyle; combining a life that is both healthy and pleasant. After all, we’re here to feel good about ourselves and be happy, right?

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