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Top 5 Sports to do in the Summer

Summer is a good time of year to enjoy your holidays while also staying in shape. How? By doing outdoor sports. A great way to connect with nature, have fun and maintain your healthy lifestyle! Of course you have to pay special attention to your skin. Environmental agents can damage your face if you don't take the right precautions.

So let’s have a look at the top 5 summer sports!

1. Walking: it might not seem true but walking is hugely beneficial for your body because it activates the cardiovascular system, tones your muscles and helps you get shapely legs for summer! A simple way to work out. And there’s trekking, for braver souls, a good way to improve your physical and mental condition while connecting with wonderful landscapes. Don't forget your sunscreen. It will stop your skin from ageing prematurely and keep it looking healthy.

2. Cycling: another affordable sport you can do close to home. Perfect for summer, it will help you strengthen your leg muscles. But as with all sports, you can add extra risk and take your bike off-road. Don't forget to use sunscreen, of course! Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after physical exercise so your skin can make up for lost mineral salts. Plus, because of the large number of toxins released, it’s important to clean your face well after you're finished your workout.

3. Swimming: unquestionably the most refreshing sport for summer! So simply anyone can do it and with loads of benefits for your body: greater flexibility, resistance and muscle strength. Because it involves coming into contact with chlorine or salt, it’s important you use a moisturiser on your face and body after each session to keep your skin well-hydrated.

4. Paddle tennis: Yep, paddle is on-trend! It's perfect for playing with friends in the summer, having a fun time and improving your physical capacity. Paddle tennis tones and strengthens muscles, making it easier to burn calories. So grab a paddle, slap on some sunscreen, drink plenty of water and... book a court today!

5. Climbing: and we round off our top 5 with an option for the brave at heart: climbing. An adventure sport that strengthens muscle tone, helps improve balance and flexibility and, above all, lets you overcome fear! But make sure to protect yourself from the sun and wind if you don't want to damage your skin.

So they're the top 5 sports for this summer. Although, as you know, the best sport to do this year is protecting your skin by keeping it hydrated and, simply, enjoy yourself. For more information on the benefits of sport, click on this link.

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