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When Yoga is not enough, Fly Yoga

A lot of us know the drill: we start doing sports just to end up practising yoga. For that reason, when at MartiDerm we discovered the fun spin-off that is Fly Yoga, we knew it was something we had to share.

It is a discipline that combines classic yoga with dance, acrobatics, and gymnastics... in the air! That’s why Fly Yoga is the version of yoga for the most courageous among us. Want to know why? Because it’s practised on fabric swings that hang from the ceiling or a wall.

As can imagine, inverted and more complicated poses require even more focus. Therefore, at the beginning of the session, it’s advisable to meditate a little bit: it calms your thoughts and helps you find inner peace and focus on your breathing.

Once you're in the air is when the experience begins: by being suspended, your body has more space to move around. In addition to the physical aspects that are trained (breathing, stretching, strength, and body control and movement), it also stimulates mental and emotional components. It exercises your balance, coordination, and strength.

Yoga and Fly Yoga have a lot in common. But Fly Yoga takes things a step further:

  • It corrects your posture: exercises in which the body is suspended or inverted help relax the spine and better release any tension.

In other words, Yoga is like our ampoules: necessary, unique, and for daily use. In that sense, Fly Yoga would be one of our “star” ampoules: Epigence Optima SPF 50+ or Flash: essential to special moments.

Now that we’ve stopped to think about it, we can see another similarity between our brand and Yoga... We start out taking care of ourselves, trying creams and brands... just to end up as fans of MartiDerm! #SmartAging Attitude

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