Acniover Capsules - 60 units

Oily skin with mild to moderate acne or blemishes.
60 capsules

Acniover Capsules form part of the new, revolutionary MartiDerm treatment against acne. Their content in Vitamin D and niacinamide aids prevention and helps maintain a healthy skin during and after anti-acne treatment. The probiotics and prebiotics minimise the imbalance of intestinal microbiota brought about by common anti-acne treatments, reinforcing the biological defence barrier of the skin. It is the perfect complement to any integral treatment.

This product is not available in the US

Takeone capsule a day during a meal with plenty of water.
Usefor at least 3 months.
Prebiotics and Probiotics
Balance the microbiota and reinforce the skin's natural defence barrier.
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
Sebum regulator, aids in eliminating pimples and reducing the size of pores.
Acniover Capsules combined with Acniover Serum is just one of the 3 basic steps of the MartiDerm strategy against acne: prevention. Forms part of a new generation of cosmetics led by MartiDerm.

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