Body Scrub - 200 ml

All skin types
200 ml
Once a week

Body Scrub contains clay, bentonite and zinc oxide for effective cleansing, while salicylic acid controls sebum production and has antibacterial properties, promoting skin renewal. Inert aluminium oxide and silicone particles exfoliate and eliminate sebum. Cleanses and renews the outer layers of the epidermis, boosting the effects of other body products: moisturisers, body sculpting, anti-stretch marks, etc. Also improves the result of laser hair removal and self-tanning products. 

This product is not available in the US

Applyto wet skin.
Rubgently for 20-30 seconds.
Rinsewith plenty of water.
Useonce weekly or every other day.
Aluminium oxide

Opens the pores and eliminates sebum.

Silica granules

Exfoliant, for a peeling effect.

Body Scrub balances, eliminates blemishes and leaves skin more even and brighter, with its renewing effect. Skin tans more easily after Body Scrub sloughs away dead skin cells and reduces marks and scars. Prepares the skin for subsequent treatments.

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