Epigence Optima SPF 50+ - 10 ampoule

Normal and dry skin
10 / 30 ampoules

Epigence Optima SPF 50+ has been designed to offer broad-spectrum protection and to reprogramme the cells to withstand the effect of age. The formula additionally protects against UVA, UVB, IR, HEV (emitted mainly by electronic device displays) and EMR (emitted by devices with connectivity, such as WIFI or Bluetooth) radiation. In addition, it improves the appearance of the skin, revitalising and brightening it. 

Protection against oxidative stress produced by infrared radiation
Protection of DNA against damage caused by radiation
Firmer skin
More moisturised skin

*In vitro preclinical study. Bionos. 
**In vitro clinical study on 30 women aged 40 to 60. Measurement with Cutometer® MPA580 after 28 days of use. PhD Trials
***Use test under dermatological control on 30 women aged 40 to 60. Assessment after 28 days of use. PhD Trials

Shakethe ampoule gently.
Placethe ampoule on a flat surface and put the EASY OPEN on it while pushing down gently until you hear a click.
Removethe EASY OPEN and the top of the ampoule. Put the dispenser on the ampoule as far as the line.
Pourhalf of the contents onto your hand and then apply it by gently massaging it into the skin. Put the ampoule on the base, placing the cap on the dispenser.
Proteum 89+
Exclusive molecule by MartiDerm with next generation proteoglycans which protect skin against the effects of ultraviolet rays for firm, resilient skin.
Spectrum Complex
A synergistic combination of multiple ingredients whose goal is to protect the skin against the oxidative stress caused by different types of radiation, such as UVA, UVB, IR, HEV and EMR.
The aim is to achieve comprehensive protection against all types of electromagnetic radiation and, in addition, provide the skin with the capacity to fight off and regenerate after the damage caused by such daily wear and tear.

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