Ionto-Filler Forehead Lines - 4 patches + 4 ml gel

All skin types
4 sachets with 1 patch + 4 ml tube
Apply twice a week for 15 days.

Ionto-Filler Forehead Lines is the new filler patch for the deep wrinkles on 
the forehead that acts using the iontophoresis technique, the innovative and non-invasive MartiDerm technique based on the application of microcurrents on a localised area of the skin. The electrical microcurrent forces the active ingredients to enter the deepest layers of the skin acting at that level. To balance the different osmotic concentrations that this produces, it also creates an intense flow of water from the dermis to the epidermis, filling in wrinkles.

This product is not available in the US

Decrease in wrinkles*

* IONTO-FILLER FOREHEAD LINES dermatological use test. Moisturising, firming efficacy and subjective evaluation of organoleptic and efficacy characteristics. Medical Department MartiDerm. June 2018. Ref.: MD. 18/04/2001/01 

Takethe patch out of the sachet.
Applythe gel in the grey area of the patch and remove the upper protective paper.
Positionthe patch on the skin of the clean forehead and leave to act for at least 20 min.
Removegently and clean any excess product with a cotton wool pad.
Hyaluronic acid
Moisturiser and filler.
Ionto-Filler Forehead Lines transepidermal patches have been created and designed to treat the forehead area. It is basically a an ionisable gel of hyaluronic acid, a macromolecule present in the extracellular matrix that acts topically at three levels: improving the skin structure (filling effect), increasing water retention (moisturising effect) and favouring the reorganisation of the extracellular matrix (greater elasticity).

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