Pro-Reg 8 Cream - 50 ml

All skin types
50 ml

Pro-Reg 8 Cream the new MartiDerm regenerating cream that evens skin tone and reduces blemishes, thanks to its renovating active ingredients: the synergic combination of alpha hydroxy acids and probiotics. The result is a softer, smoother, brighter skin.

This product is not available in the US

Applythe content to the face, neck and neckline.
Massagegently until completely absorbed.
Usepreferably at night.
Recommendationof a high sun protection factor (SPF 50+) is recommended during the day.
Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Promote renovation of the uppermost layers of the skin, eliminating blemishes and evening skin tone.
Increase the rate and quality of epidermal renovation, reducing dryness and roughness of the skin.
Pro-Reg 8 Cream represents the new generation of anti-age night care creams which, thanks to the combination of alpha hydroxy acids reduces blemishes, wrinkles and spots while improving the brightness, firmness and evenness of the skin. Probiotics help the skin to adapt to external stress. And oxygenated glycerol triester is a soothing oil that aids immediate recovery of the skin comfort. Pro-Reg 8 Cream is a gel in oil with a velvety texture that provides a deep sense of well-being leaving a cool and, at the same time, nutritive residue: the coolness of a gel and the nutrition of an oil.

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