The passing of time and a number of external factors such as the sun cause the skin to age. That's why MartiDerm has developed different ranges to stop and/or prevent it: Black Diamond, Platinum and The Originals.

The Black Diamond range comprises innovative products and smart active ingredients that prevent and treat aging. These stimulate the production of compounds inherent to the skin which are lost over the years (proteoglycans, collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc.). Skin Complex+ ampoules are an intense action anti-aging and antioxidant formula, Proteum Serum is a skin repair product with a triple action: anti-wrinkles, firming and antioxidant, while Ionto-Lift Eye Contour is specifically designed for the most sensitive and thin skin areas around the eyes.

The newest product in the Black Diamond Range is Epigence Optima SPF 50+: the latest high-tech revolutionary formula from MartiDerm. This is an ampoule combining the power of epigenetics with the most comprehensive protection from sunlight and latest technology radiations. It can restore the skin’s regeneration capacity for younger looking skin.

The Platinum range is formulated to treat the signs of photoaging, produced by sun exposure, and chrono-aging, produced by the passing of time. The range features different formats and textures and is suitable for all skin types. Photo-Age Ampoules repair the skin after sun exposure, Night Renew Ampoules regenerate and moisturise the skin, Vital-Age Cream re-establishes the skin’s vitality and suppleness, Krono-Age Serum has a regenerating and redensifying effect, Pro-Reg 15 Cream contains highly moisturising and nourishing active ingredients with a regenerative action, Expression Gel moisturises, plumps out and redensifies wrinkles in the eye and lip contours.

Finally, our The Originals range prevents photoaging, firms the skin and has an anti-wrinkle effect. There are different versions in line with your needs: dry skin (Proteos Hydra Plus), normal/combination skin (Proteos Hydra Plus SP, Pro-Reg 8 Cream), oily skin (Proteos Liposome) or all skin types (Flash, GAGs). Proteoglycans hold water in the skin and improve its structure and suppleness. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which has a role in collagen synthesis.

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