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Say “no” to dark spots

If you want to know how to prevent the appearance of dark spots on your skin and ensure that the ones you have don’t get darker, keep reading and discover our Pigment Zero range.

As you know, at MartiDerm we endeavour to help you treat and improve the look and state of your skin. And in this case, when it comes to hyperpigmentation, we have been experts for more than 10 years.

Pigment Zero is a comprehensive range that will help prevent the appearance of dark spots and control the ones you already have, stopping them from getting darker during the months when the sun shines brightest.

The products are suitable year-round. Safe and effective, they will ensure that your cells aren’t damaged and there is no alteration in melanin formation that can cause hyperpigmentation or a drastic increase in melanin.

It is important to know that using topical sunscreen helps reduce the damage UVB rays can cause your skin. However, independently of that, our cells activate melanin formation when they come into contact with sunlight in order to defend
themselves. That’s why wearing sunscreen won't stop you from tanning. In fact, you can tan even with SPF 50+ sunscreen, it’s just that you will be doing so safely and in a controlled fashion.

To prevent dark spots or help ensure they don’t get darker, you can complete your care ritual with the following products from our Pigment Zero family:


The latest inclusion to the range: our depigmenting ampoules.

  • Not only does the composition treat and reduce dark spots to even tone, the ingredients also help prevent the appearance of new ones.


  • The natural active ingredients, considered second-generation depigmenting agents, protect the cell to prevent damage when exposed to sunlight, forming melanin in a controlled fashion without producing hyperpigmentation.


  • The pure Vitamin C content helps even tone, makes skin bright and acts as an anti-spot prevention active.


  • The differential edge within the range is due to Tranexamic Acid, a commonly used medical and cosmetic treatment partner that reduces dark patches caused by hormonal changes, such as melasmas.

Instructions for use: we recommend applying half an ampoule a day, morning and/or night. Use before your regular face, neck and neckline cosmetic treatment.


Our perfect partner for daily life.

  • This is a daily treatment cream that can reduce existing dark spots and protect you with a 50+ sun protection factor from UVB/UVA rays.


  • It can be applied at the end of your beauty routine as a daily treatment. It is easy to combine with DSP-Bright ampoules and our Proteum Serum proteoglycans ampoules.

Instructions for use: apply to the whole of the face. Reapply when needed.


The composition and texture make this serum suitable for all skin types. Can be used when pregnant.

  • Helps prevent the appearance of dark spots during hormonal changes and when taking photosensitising medication.


  • Evens and reduces the tone of existing hyperpigmentation.


  • Fast-absorbing, making it compatible with any regular cosmetic treatment.

Instructions for use: apply morning and night before your usual cosmetic treatment. Suitable for oily and sensitive skin.


This is another ideal supplement for daily life.

  • The depigmenting active ingredients help to keep on treating dark spots throughout the day.


  • The 50+ sun protection factor renews the solar protection of localised dark spots and areas prone to developing them, such as the upper lip, cheeks and forehead. Also good for back of hands, arms and legs.


  • The corrector tone helps conceal the darkness of the spot.

Instructions for use: apply to the area to treat and massage in until fully absorbed. Use as needed.


Their high antioxidant content helps protect the skin from sun damage and the
formation of free radicals.

  • Composition includes NutroxSun, a complex based on rosemary and grapefruit extract. The capsules have a photo-protection effect at cell level and are a good antiaging agent with a powerful antiox action.


  • Can be used as an antiaging treatment:

o Ensure a more even tan.
o Prevent sun allergies, burning and irritation in skin type I.
o Prevent and control dark spots so they either don't appear or don’t
get darker.

Instructions for use: 1 capsule a day with meals. Treatment should start in spring, at least a month before exposure to strong sunlight. Not a replacement for sunscreen.

If you want to know how to prevent the appearance of spots on your skin, or how to stop the ones you already have from getting darker, read on to find out more about our Pigment Zero line. 

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