You can purchase our products in pharmacies, beauty care outlets and the El Corte Inglés health and beauty department (find your closest pharmacy here). You can also place your order with the online store on our website.

Yes. You can return your order within 30 calendar days from receiving the products. Email us at hola@martiderm.com, supplying your order details and a photo of what you want to return. Goods must be in perfect condition and the original packaging kept. In this case the customer assumes the costs of returning the product to our offices.

Orders ship to Spain (mainland) and the Balearic Islands the same day.
Delivery time is 24 to 48 hours. We will email confirmation that your order has been shipped and you will receive a further email from the logistics company with the expected delivery date and time. If you place the order before 1pm you will receive it the next working day; otherwise it will take 48 hours. Orders ship the next working day after a weekend/bank holiday and delivery times start from then; in any case you will receive an email with full information. Bank holidays in Catalonia do not count as working days with regards product shipments, since our offices are located in Barcelona.
Waiting times may be longer for promotions and goods on sale; in any case, we will try to speed the process as much as possible to ensure the fastest delivery time.

The goods will first be delivered to the indicated delivery address and if you are out the messenger will try to leave a note in your mailbox. It is not always possible to leave a note if the messenger is unable to enter the grounds or apartment block. After this first attempt, your local courier office will try to contact you to arrange a second delivery time. If you are away from home then too the order will be left at the office to pick up from there. If we were unable to contact you to organise the delivery, please email us at hola@martiderm.com so we can provide the contact information or help you wherever necessary.

We make the delivery available to you at the collection points of any of the companies we work with in the delivery logistics process. Once you have received the email from our trusted transport company confirming that your order has shipped, you will find the information and link to its website where you can ask to pick your goods up from a place close to your home.

We recommend checking the address you supply when placing orders to ensure the information is complete and correct, as you will not be able to change it once the goods have shipped without generating additional shipping costs. If you detect incorrect information, please report it as soon as possible by emailing us at hola@martiderm.com. This can also increase the delivery delay by a further 24 to 48 hours.

Shipping is free for all in-store orders over €39 within our delivery areas in Spain (mainland and Balearic Islands).
We work with a logistics provider who is entrusted with deliveries.

To sign up you first have to log into the registration page. We will then ask you to complete a series of personal details and choose a password you can use for successive purchases you make from our site.

To add addresses to your account, log into the “My addresses” space in your user account, where you will be able to add and edit as many addresses as you like.
You can also add a new delivery address while you are making a purchase, in the “My delivery information” step.

Log into your user account with your current password. You can change your personal details and login password under the “My data” section.
If you don't remember your password, click the “Forgotten your password?” link when you log in. Just send us your user email address so we can provide you with a new password for your account.

If you have forgotten your password and have followed the process to get an email to reset it but haven't received it, review the following possible causes and solutions:
1..1.    Check the email reached your main folder: Open your spam, junk, archived, promotions and bulk folders to see if it ended up there.
1..2.    Check that the address you tried to reset is correct: The email address you completed may not be the one you signed up with. This can happen, for example, if you have several email addresses, such as a Hotmail one and a Gmail one, and you are trying to log in with an address not registered with MartiDerm. Try entering your email address again and we will resend the email to reset your password.

1..3.    I still haven't got the email to reset my password: Complete our contact form indicating your login problem and our team will contact you as quickly as possible to help.

If you would like to receive our newsletter, we recommend going to the end of the site page. We will ask you to enter your email address and check the consent box and privacy policy, then click “Sign up!” to enjoy all our new releases and promotions!

Take note!

The order is: 1. cleansing 2. toner 3. ampoule* 4. serum 5. moisturiser 6. sunscreen.

*There are some exceptions, such as Flash, Epigence Optima SPF 50+ and Fórmula Nº10 HD Color Touch SPF30 ampoules, which are applied as the last step in the routine.

We have several ranges of products that cover all needs:
- Amatist: bring out the best in you! A range especially designed for mature skin, with actives that adapt to its needs.
- Essentials: the first step to healthy skin. A daily and weekly cleansing range. Cleansing is the first step to healthy skin.
- The Originals: moisturising, antioxidant and energising power. A product range with a moisturising, firming and antioxidant function.
- Platinum: proven efficacy to renew and restore skin vitality.
- Black Diamond: high technology applied to the skin to delay the signs of time.
- Body Care: moisturises, renews and firms the skin on your body.
- Pigment Zero: A product range to prevent and reduce skin hyperpigmentation.
- Acniover: A product range for acne-prone combination/oily skin. Reduces pores, blemishes, pimples and shine.
- Sun Care: the formula that protects you and leverages the best of the sun.
- Hair System: Anti hair-loss. Prevents and slows hair loss and stimulates its growth.
- Skin Repair: Repairing care. Protects, resets and repairs the skin’s natural balance.

It’s very simple! With the Easy Open system you only have to: shake the ampoule, rest it on a flat surface, position the “Easy Open” on the ampoule and press down lightly until you hear a ‘click’.

Once open, put the dispenser on the ampoule, pour half the content into your hand and apply to the face, neck and neckline, massaging in gently until fully absorbed.

MartiDerm formulas were originally created as compounding formulas that required a form of packaging that could keep the formulas intact until they reached your skin. That is how we came up with our revolutionary and hermetic topaz glass format that is still a benchmark today.

Yes, no problem. In fact, it protects cells from solar radiation and prevents the formation of free radicals. We do, however, advise you follow vitamin C treatments up with a good sunscreen to keep its properties intact.

Our products are neither ionisable nor specific for beauty salons or home devices. MartiDerm does not recommend injecting any of our ampoules since they are not sterile, but they can be applied after a procedure.

Like most cosmetics on the market, MartiDerm products have not been tested on pregnant or breastfeeding women. However, before releasing a product, our medical department performs an exhaustive analysis of the formula and its components to check they are all compatible with these periods in a woman's life. If you are pregnant or feeding, contact us and we can advise you.

Neither MartiDerm nor its suppliers use animal testing. It is a decision we took as a matter of principle, but there are also European laws banning it.

MartiDerm’s commitment to preserve the environment is fundamental. That is why we have harnessed our new Smart Planet programme to create sustainable new packs. We have reduced the plastic used in our ampoule packaging by 84%, swapping it out for a corn-based 100% compostable material. We have also reduced the number of dispensers and eliminated superfluous elements like the ampoule base and lid.

MartiDerm uses all sorts of materials in its containers, depending on formula needs and product design. The main materials are glass for the ampoules or jars, plastic of different compositions for the tubes, bottles, lids and pumps, and aluminium for some aerosols. 

The form of recycling is indicated on each product box. We also include a QR code on some containers that leads to a landing page where you have more information on recycling.

The products MartiDerm sells are made almost entirely in Spain and we occasionally draw on a non-European supplier. The principal suppliers of containers and their parts are European, with Spain and Germany among the main ones, followed by Italy. We also have suppliers from South Korea and China.