Martiderm La Formula

A big little history

It all began in a small pharmacy in Barcelona in 1952. And many good things have happened since.

But let's start at the beginning

We stay true to our roots and the groundwork laid down by our founder, Josep Martí Tor. That is why we like to say it all began in a pharmacy on the street Aragón, in the centre of Barcelona, creating compounding formulas in dermocosmetics. A pharmacy still helping its loyal customers with effective solutions for all skin types today.

Research is our legacy. And research means searching. We searched the way to protect our proteoglycan and vitamin C formula from light and air to prevent its premature oxidation and preserve all the properties of the active ingredients. We found the solution in a topaz glass ampoule. That was how our famous first ampoule came about.

A revolutionary cosmetic concept we have perfected over time and that has opened the doors to most international markets to make us the dermocosmetic benchmark.

But our formula includes something else, a concept making us unique, an original idea that is simple to explain and connects us to all our consumers: time is our best ally. We don’t fight time; we support it intelligently, we live it, enjoy it, accept and share it.

That is the secret to our big little history.  Welcome.

Our history

The pharmacist who was ahead of his time.

The history of the MartiDerm brand has its roots in the inquiring figure of pharmacist Josep Martí Tor, part of a family fully dedicated to this speciality at the pharmacy that opened at 387 on the street Aragón, Barcelona.

A pharmacist with a business vision, he collaborated scientifically with dermatologists of the time, seeking the best formulas for complex cases.

In his efforts to keep delivering active products that brought added value to the dermatologist’s therapeutic arsenal and provide ongoing service and information to formulating physicians, Martí Tor developed the legendary formula with a combination of proteoglycans and pure vitamin C to regenerate skin after the aggressive peels frequently used by dermatologists at the time.

Under the same ethical principles that governed the workings of the pharmacy and with growing demand for the ampoules, the second generation of the family decided to create the MartiDerm Dermocosmetics Laboratory in a small premises close to the pharmacy to satisfy demand for the product.

They never imagined the exponential growth they would experience over the following years, which led them to move the laboratory initially to a 3,000 sq m facility outside Barcelona at the Cervelló Business Park.   
Today the MartiDerm production centre and main offices cover over 10,000 sq metres.

He chose the topaz glass ampoule format and inert atmosphere to protect the formula from contact with light and air, preventing the oxidation of the pure vitamin C, the most active form of all its variants. He thus created a new category that would revolutionise the dermocosmetic market.

The very first ampoules were produced as compounding formulas, meaning they were made individually in the pharmacy laboratory.

The ampoules are the product that best exemplifies the brand’s success. Their innovative topaz glass format was an immediate hit and more than 180,000 ampoules have been sold per day around the world.

Research keeps the brand at the forefront of skincare. Our pharmaceutical roots based on pharmaceutical compounding are the key to developing new formulas. Each skin need requires specific ingredients for visible, immediate results and more than 80 products endorse our solid background.

MartiDerm was awarded the ISO quality standard in 2013. Research keeps the brand at the forefront of skincare. The pharmaceutical roots based on pharmaceutical compounding are the key to developing new formulas.

Each skin need requires specific ingredients for visible, immediate results. One of our most important values is transparency: MartiDerm products do what they say and say what they do.

We opened our 10,000 sq-metre modern facility at Cervelló to support the company’s rapid growth both nationally and abroad, tripling production capacity.

MartiDerm products are currently sold in over 35 countries.

A commitment to the planet and sustainability are at the heart of the brand’s code of ethics and extend to all areas of activity: facilities, production process and products.

50% of the energy used at the production plant comes from renewable energy generated onsite (solar, aerothermal and geothermal). We have also been using renewably sourced electricity since 2019 and our offices are zero-emission.

MartiDerm is a family firm with strong values, which is why we have launched multiple corporate social responsibility projects.
Our solidarity formula began with giving people with disabilities jobs at our production plant.

Hands For Help is one of the most important projects. It is a solidarity product (Intensive Hand Cream) for which all profits go to helping elderly people with skincare packs and training on how to take care of their skin.

Internationally, we partner with the Piel Sana Foundation’s Stop Scabies project to eradicate scabies in Malawi (Africa).
We are also committed to the labour integration of people with disabilities at our production plant.

Smart Aging is the philosophy that helps make time the best ally. Choosing a MartiDerm product is an intelligent decision - that’s the SMART part. And taking care of and treating yourself with it means prevention; it means supporting you over time - that’s where AGING comes in.

It is a complete philosophy to support you throughout your life, with the best solutions, with intelligence and sharing the passage of time. It’s not about fighting time; it’s about accepting it, turning the years into healthy skincare routines.


Because healthy skin is beautiful skin, whatever your age.

The Smart Aging Hub is the innovation, research and development centre that channels and promotes the ideas generated by the people at the MartiDerm Group, along with those stemming from partnerships with external experts.

At the MartiDerm Smart Aging Hub, every day starts with the same challenge: to pose fresh questions so we can discover new solutions that improve people’s skincare and wellbeing.

From Barcelona to the world