Benefits of using a sunscreen moisturiser

Sun, pollution, stress, phone or computer screens and many other factors can damage our skin in the short and long term. To protect ourselves, it is essential to use a sunscreen moisturiser, a product that has multiple benefits for our complexion. Discover them below!

A high-spectrum sunscreen moisturiser should be used every morning, all year round, not just in summer or on days when we are active outdoors. That way we can enjoy all of its benefits for our skin:

Prevents premature aging

One of the main benefits of a sunscreen moisturiser is that it helps prevent the premature skin aging caused by some of the factors mentioned above: stress, sun, pollution and even poor diet or insufficient rest. By using this type of moisturiser every day we can hydrate our face and have a direct impact on wrinkles.

Protects from sun damage and blue light

As mentioned, prolonged exposure to the sun's rays (UVA/UVB/IR) and blue light (HEV) can lead to premature photoaging of the skin, resulting in sagging, loss of vitality, the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles and other alterations we can counteract with a sunscreen moisturiser. It can also protect us from sunlight and the light from the screens of mobile devices and computers. This type of light is known as HEV ("High Energy Visible Light") and its main impact is that it can cause hyperpigmentation of the skin and thus the early onset of signs of aging such as dark spots.

Moisturising the skin

As we said before, moisturiser must be used daily to keep our face hydrated. That's the only way to avoid dryness problems which not only impact our physical or aesthetic appearance -since our face will look dull and lacklustre- but can also have consequences such as tightness and itching.

How to choose the right moisturiser?

Each person's skin is unique and different. Hence there are specific characteristics and needs to be taken into account before choosing a sunscreen moisturiser. To help you in the search, we present Proteos Screen SPF 50+ by MartiDerm, a facial sunscreen moisturiser that prevents and helps repair the signs of premature skin aging and which also offers everything a moisturiser should have to enjoy the benefits listed above:

  1. Moisturising factor: check that the product moisturises and firms, like MartiDerm's sunscreen moisturiser, which with frequent use will allow you to enjoy 91%* hydration and 76%* firmness in your skin.
  2. Protection factor: it is essential you select a suitable product to protect your skin from UVA rays (which cause premature aging) and UVB rays (which can cause sunburn) . With Proteos Screen SPF 50+ you can enjoy this high-spectrum protection thanks to the encapsulated filters and cocoa extract in the formula, which protects against blue light (HEV).
  3. Pleasant texture: since moisturiser is a product you will use every day, it is advisable to choose one with a texture that suits your taste. For example, if you prefer fluid textures that are quickly absorbed and with a silky touch, we recommend Proteos Screen SPF 50+ cream, which also has a natural matte finish to not leave any shine on your skin.
  4. Suitable for your skin type: finally, don't forget there are products for every skin type. Select the one that suits your skin best or choose one designed for all skin types, such as the moisturiser from MartiDerm's The Originals range, designed for men and women and ideal for skin with blemishes or acne-prone skin. This noncomedogenic product lets your skin breathe and doesn't cause blackheads, pimples or blemishes.
Crema hidratante con protección solar de MartiDerm

The exclusive formula in MartiDerm's Proteos Screen SPF 50+, with proteoglycans and a hyaluronic acid and silicon complex, has let people all over the world enjoy a younger- and fresher-looking complexion, but above all, skin protected from external factors.

Modelo con crema Proteos Screen SPF 50+

For people after a tinted sunscreen moisturiser

If you want your sunscreen moisturiser to add a little colour too, it's time to introduce you to another fail-safe MartiDerm product: Proteos Screen SPF50+ Color Fluid Cream: with natural coverage that conceals blemishes and evens your tone thanks to the colour pigments that blend into your face, improving its appearance and leaving a completely natural matte finish.

Like the Proteos Screen SPF 50+ cream, this tinted product is available in a 40 ml format and is easily absorbed. 84%** of people who have used it notice an improvement in the appearance of their skin.

Crema hidratante con protección solar y color

If you also want to enjoy these benefits and protect your skin from all the risks it is exposed to every day, MartiDerm recommends adding a sunscreen moisturiser to your morning skincare routine. And if you still can't decide which to choose, press play and find out why Proteos Screen SPF 50+ could be the right choice for you!


*Clinical study of firming effect under dermatological control and subjective assessment. Ref: 19-0175/0 /19.0067.

**In vivo clinical study on 32 men and women aged 22 to 54 under dermatological control at an independent centre following 28 days of use once a day. The participants assessed its efficacy subjectively.

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