At-home facial firming hacks

Your skin goes through a natural process over the years called "skin aging". Its development produces changes in the different layers of the skin, including a reduced production of collagen (the protein responsible for keeping our skin hydrated and firm). For this reason, it is necessary to follow a facial firming routine that helps increase firmness of the face and restore its vitality. If you're interested in following this routine at home, read on!

Causes of skin aging

Our facial firming routine aims to reduce the effects of skin aging caused by internal body factors (which we can't avoid) and external factors that can accelerate its onset and the effects on our skin.

The causes of skin aging are therefore:

  • ● Genetic factors.
  • ● Environmental factors: such as pollution, stress, lack of sleep, sun exposure or smoking.

Consequences of skin aging

To understand the effects of skin aging, it is useful to remember the layers of our skin:

  • Epidermis: the outermost and thinnest layer that covers the entire human body.
  • Dermis: the middle layer, characterised by being thick and elastic but firm.
  • Hypodermis: the deepest layer, also often referred to as "subcutaneous tissue".

Skin aging has the following consequences:

  • Reduced cell turnover: our skin loses the ability to generate new cells such as fibroblasts, causing it to become rougher and collagen production to diminish.
  • Uneven accumulation of melanin: melanin is the pigment responsible for the colour of our skin.
  • Reduced ability to synthesise collagen and elastin: these two proteins help make the skin firm and supple, so their absence leads to the onset of wrinkles.

With the right facial firming treatment we can counteract these effects and enjoy other benefits for a healthy, radiant face protected from different external agents.

Benefits of starting a facial firming routine

Our skin is made up of molecules such as collagen and elastin, tasked with preserving the signs of youth. However, as explained earlier, as the years go by, the production of both tails off, so it is necessary to use facial firming products that provide these actives for our skin and help it regain firmness.

MartiDerm has an exclusive formula ideal for correcting skin flaccidity: Proteum 89+, our exclusive proteoglycan that is 4 times more firming* than a regular proteoglycan due to its reduced size and therefore enhanced penetration power.

Proteum 89+ helps restore skin elasticity, combat visible wrinkles and improve flaccidity, benefits you can start to enjoy with the products in the Black Diamond range formulated with this powerful proteoglycan.

Steps to an at-home firming facial routine

Here are the steps you can take to start your at-home facial firming routine. Get ready for the rejuvenating effect your skin deserves!

Step 1: Sublime Expert Eye Contour

Cleanse your face and apply an eye contour product to help improve the firmness of this delicate area. With Sublime Expert Eye Contour you can prevent and reduce wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and even sagging of the upper eyelid.

This release from the MartiDerm Black Diamond range moisturises the skin and makes your eyes up to 93% brighter**. The powerful formula includes 3% Proteum 89+ and hyaluronic acid to firm the face and Epigen 145 to stimulate skin renewal and improve the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

Sublime Expert Eye Contour de MartiDerm

Step 2: Skin Complex Advanced Ampoule

The next step in your facial firming routine is to apply a serum to hydrate your skin. At MartiDerm we recommend Skin Complex Advanced in an ampoule format for younger-looking skin in 4 weeks***.

Recommended for normal to dry skin, these ampoules from MartiDerm will let you enjoy smoother skin, with +88% hydration*** and up to -52% wrinkle reduction***. The formula contains 5% Proteum 89+ to moisturise your face and make it firm and supple. It also contains 15% Vitamin C-Tech, an active with an antioxidant and illuminating effect, and Vitamin Complex, a vitamin complex that nourishes the skin and provides the regenerating and repairing effect that dull, dehydrated skin needs.

Ampollas Black Diamond Skin Complex Advanced

Step 3: Epigence 145 Cream

Finally, we recommend applying a moisturiser to protect your skin from all the external agents it faces on a daily basis. You should also apply a night cream every evening that acts on your skin while you sleep.

To complete your home-based firming routine with products from the Black Diamond range by MartiDerm, we recommend our Epigence creams (Epigence 145 Day Cream and Epigence 145 Sleeping Cream), formulated under epigenetic criteria to ensure they promote cell renewal while also delaying the signs of aging, improve skin resilience (i.e., its ability to withstand external agents) and help make you look younger.

Epigence 145 Day Cream is rich in vitamins A, E and F that even out the tone of your face while moisturising and revitalising. Epigence Sleeping Cream is a night cream that soothes and repairs your skin while you sleep, due to the presence of enoxolone.

Both versions boost elastin production by up to 92%**** to make your skin more supple. The day and night creams are suitable for all skin types and can be used by people of any age. 

Cremas para la rutina reafirmante facial

In short, these products from the Black Diamond range, formulated with MartiDerm's exclusive Proteum 89+ proteoglycan, are the ideal choice to achieve the facial firming effect your skin needs. Enjoy their x4* firming power and include them in your daily routine!

Productos de la rutina reafirmante facial


*In vitro synthesis of type-I collagen using Proteum 89+ compared to animal proteoglycans. Value rounded up from the x3.8% obtained. Ref: Proteum RM_02.

**Use test under dermatological control and subjective assessment. Ref: VV_ET16/20DXT2(DF)B_071_21_001.

***Antiaging efficacy of Skin Complex Advanced under dermatological control. Maximum values. Ref: 13820520.A.

****Anti-wrinkle efficacy. Ref: INF.280.20.10. 2. In vitro increase in elastin levels. Ref: INF.279.07.04.

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