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Face moisturiser is essential in every skincare routine - and no wonder. It keeps skin hydrated, revitalises and brightens dull skin and adds firmness.

Dehydrated skin will inevitably produce wrinkles and expression lines at an early age. That is why it is crucial to include moisturiser on a routine basis and above all to choose a cream that suits your skin type. Oily skin doesn't require the same care as combination or dry skin. Luckily, MartiDerm has a moisturiser for each skin need.

In this article, we look at some of the face moisturisers out there and their benefits for skin health.

Crema hidratante facial para piel hidratada

Face moisturiser for dry skin

Dehydration is the main reason skin can look dull. Our skin is exposed to various challenges, from dryness to loss of elasticity. This results in a significant drop in radiance and freshness.

Using a good daily moisturiser provides skin with the essential moisture it needs and creates a protective shield to combat negative environmental impacts. If you have dry or very dry skin, products such as GF Vital Age Dry help give skin a luminous effect thanks to their epidermal growth factor, jojoba and argan oil content.

This face cream, applied each morning, helps improve skin texture and condition by promoting collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis, delivering 53% hydration immediately.

Crema hidratante facial para piel apagada

Face moisturiser to revitalise dull skin

For mature skin that needs extra radiance and vitality, Amatist Day Cream moisturises, revitalises and provides a maximum sensation of comfort thanks to its active ingredients: proteoglycans, phyto-retinol (a plant-based global antiaging agent), rosehip (repairing and emollient) and hyaluronic acid.

With this formula of active ingredients, 97%** of respondents report firmer, more moisturised skin and 100%** agree their skin feels revitalised and has a more luminous appearance.

Face moisturiser for firmer skin

If your goal is firmer skin, Epigence 145 Day Cream and Epigence 145 Sleeping Cream are your best choice to reprogramme the skin and delay the signs of aging.

Actives such as Epigen 145 (skin regenerator) and Drone x50 (firming agent) reactivate the cells’ regeneration capacity, boost the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, and increase skin firmness and elasticity. It also contains vitamins to brighten the skin and even tone.

Daily use of Epigence 145 Cream and Epigence 145 Sleeping Cream will increase the expression of elastin, a protein that makes your face more elastic, by 92%***.

Cremas hidratantes faciales para piel firme
Crema hidratante facial con protector solar

Do you have to use moisturiser with sunscreen year-round?

Yes, sunscreen is a must all year. It is needed to prevent premature photoaging, among other things. It is essential to understand the risks and choose a moisturiser with sunscreen that works year-round, such as Proteos Screen SP50+.

An easy-to-absorb day cream for all skin types with SPF 50+ that prevents and helps repair the signs of premature skin aging. 76%*** of people who have tried it say it makes their skin look younger. This is because the proteoglycans provide structure to the skin and moisturise it,  while the moisturising and renewing hyaluronic acid and silicon complex keeps the skin looking young, fresh and evenly toned. No wonder 91%*** of people who try it report feeling their skin is more hydrated.

Incorporating moisturiser into your facial routine is a must for healthy, radiant skin. MartiDerm has different products to nourish and revitalise each skin type. 

Find out which cream best suits your skin and its specific needs to give it the care it deserves!


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