"We have the skin depigmentation Formula that acts on all stages of a blemish"

What is skin depigmentation? It is the solution to hyperpigmentation, i.e., the dark spots that appear on the face or body. Facial blemishes can be caused by many factors, including solar radiation, hormonal imbalances and genetics. And when a blemish appears on our face, we need depigmenting products to even out our tone and reduce the blemish.

To find out more about skin depigmentation, we spoke to Elisa Suñer, pharmacist and scientific corporate advisor at MartiDerm.

Identify the type of blemish on your face

There are many types of skin blemishes: Elisa Suñer, head of the MartiDerm R&D laboratory for over 25 years, explains the differences between them so you can determine the cause of your blemishes and treat them in time.

First, she discusses lentigo. "This is a small, brownish spot that appears on both sun-exposed and unexposed areas. It is not closely related to sun exposure and usually appears in childhood," she says.

A similar type of hyperpigmentation is solar or senile lentigo, i.e., brown or black spots on sun-exposed areas. Ms Suñer says these spots are often associated with actinic damage, the build-up of damage to skin cell DNA caused by exposure to the sun. 

The notorious melasma is also important to detect. This is an asymmetrical dark spot on the face that has several causes: sunlight, hormonal changes as in pregnancy (specific name, chloasma), certain medications such as contraceptives or the use of cosmetics.

Finally, Ms Suñer mentions hyperchromia: "There are different varieties based on their degree of sensitisation and may include dermatitis caused by the use of perfumes, medication and post-inflammatory dermatitis, the type that occurs following an injury or inflammation of the skin. When the lesion heals, the area is often darkened and discoloured. One example is blemishes in people who have experienced acne outbreaks. This type of hyperpigmentation affects one in two people who have had acne and is very common due to exposure to solar radiation, since it accentuates this type of spot."

Ms Suñer pointed out the effect of hyperpigmentation on people's self-esteem. "It is a common reason for consultation in dermatology and cosmetic clinics, much more even than wrinkles or other skin problems," she said. "An even skin tone is something everyone has always wanted. That is why makeup is so popular, because visually it has the effect of an even tone."

The skin depigmentation routine that 8 out of 10 consumers recommend*

Routine is essential to carrying an adjuvant cosmetic treatment. Ms Suñer says the complexion and evenness of tone can be improved "by using the right cosmetics that act directly on depigmentation of the skin". She also emphasised the importance of being consistent with the products you apply, stressing that a cosmetic treatment is much more likely to be successful if spots are recent.

To this end, she namechecks three products from the MartiDerm Pigment Zero range: DSP-Bright ampoules, DSP-Cream SPF50+ and DSP-Renovation Cream. This dermatologically tested routine delivers visible results from the first week and is recommended by 8 out of 10 consumers*.

"MartiDerm has spent 10 years researching an active formula that works at different levels to deliver a powerful all-round effect. That's why Pigment Zero acts in the three most important phases of hyperpigmentation," Ms Suñer said. These three main times are prevention (with antioxidant actives that act on the molecules that trigger pigmentation), during the onset of the first spots (inhibiting melanin synthesis and its transfer to the keratinocyte) and during spot expression (removing it from the surface with actives that promote cell renewal).

State-of-the-art actives for skin depigmentation

In addition to photoprotection, which is essential, Ms Suñer highlighted the antioxidant actives such as kojic acid, vitamin C, ellagic acid, ferulic acid and genistein, among others, in this anti-blemish range. "Actives that work as tyrosinase inhibitors during melanogenesis, such as phytic acid, are also very important," she said. Finally, she mentions actives such as niacinamide, AHAs and salicylic acid as agents that act in the wake of melanogenesis, the process of melanin production. 

Step one: DSP-Bright Ampoules to even skin tone

A concentrated ampoule with selective depigmenting actives that only go to work where there are dark spots to even skin tone and reduce and prevent the onset of blemishes. This serum in an ampoule format contains state-of-the-art actives such as 5% Vitamin C-Tech and DSP-TX Complex (hexylresorcinol, phytic acid, Bellis perennis L. and tranexamic acid). It is precisely because of this combination of actives that DSP-Bright Ampoules reduce and prevent all types of blemishes and other hyperpigmentation such as post-inflammatory spots.

Aplicación de ampolla MartiDerm

Results are visible after four weeks and, as with all MartiDerm products, it is dermatologically tested, with results finding that 89% of the people who tried it said they noticed their skin looked brighter**.

We recommend using them in the morning, after cleansing your face and before moisturising.

Step two: DSP-Cream SPF50+ to protect and treat blemishes

This cream with SPF50+ prevents the appearance of spots by protecting the skin from the sun's radiation. DSP-Cream SPF50+ reduces blemishes by up to 65% and 90% of the people who tried it reported a more even skin tone***

Active ingredients include tranexamic acid and vitamin C to reduce melanin spots and hyperpigmentation by acting at different stages of blemish formation.

DSP Crema FPS50+ de MartiDerm

Last step: DSP-Renovation Cream, the skin regeneration cream

This high-tolerance fluid emulsion has selective depigmenting active ingredients that penetrate directly into hyperpigmented areas of the skin. The DSP-Renovation Cream formula is based on actives such as naturally occurring AHAs, or alpha hydroxy acids , which promote cell renewal, even skin tone and reduce and prevent the appearance of blemishes. The result of this formula, also dermatologically tested, was that 77% of the people who tried it saw a reduction in spot size****.

DSP-Crema Renovación de MartiDerm

This depigmenting routine is the most effective solution to put an end to blemishes, restore an even skin tone and recover the beautiful complexion often associated with a person's self-esteem. It is vital to follow the recommendations of experts, be consistent in your routine and protect yourself from external factors.

Clinical results:

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