Hyaluronic acid for the skin: benefits and routines

We bet that when you read the headline you thought, “Hyaluronic acid... that rings a bell. I know what that is”. But are you sure? Very often we come across things in our daily lives and think we have a good grasp of them only to be surprised, once we dig deeper, that they are much more interesting than they seemed. Such is the case of the active we are looking at today. Keep reading and find out how hyaluronic acid and its many benefits can become your premium skincare partner.

Also known as HA, hyaluronic acid has always been around and is part of the skincare Holy Trinity along with collagen and elastin. We can also find it in cartilage and joints. Yet it was not until it was first isolated in 1934 that we began to look more deeply into its applications and benefits. Since then, this moisturising agent has been a must-have across all our antiaging routines thanks, among other things, to the fact that it is an active suitable for all skin types, especially drier skin.

What benefits does hyaluronic acid have for the skin?

By now, you've probably had a look at the ingredients in your favourite moisturiser and found hyaluronic acid among them. That is because one of the main benefits of this delightful little polysaccharide is that it acts as a moisturising agent and helps keep your skin looking young.

As if this wasn't big enough news on its own, hyaluronic acid is also highly beneficial for many other reasons, which you can see below:

  • - Plumping and firming effect: within the viscoelastic property of hyaluronic acid, this macromolecule acts as a stabilising agent to the skin structure and promotes the reorganisation of the extracellular matrix.
  • - Increases skin elasticity: closely related to the point above, but also to the hygroscopic property of HA, its use helps smooth rough skin surfaces and contributes to strengthening the skin, improving elasticity and resistance.
  • - Repairing skin barrier damage: naturally present in our skin, hyaluronic acid helps keep skin moist, firm and supple. Sadly, our body's production of HA decreases as we age, with the unwanted consequences you can easily imagine. That's why including a topical application of hyaluronic acid in our skincare routine can become our best beauty booster.
  • - Diminishes and reduces wrinkles and expression lines: in addition to the repairing and firming functions just mentioned, HA lets you fight the visible signs of aging simply, without the need for surgical treatment, with natural results and preserving facial flexibility at all times. 

How to introduce hyaluronic acid into your daily routine

The skin is not only the largest organ in the body, it is also the only one directly and constantly exposed to the outside world. Its protective function keeps us safe from pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, while at the same time helping us control body temperature. All that, plus it gives us a pleasing sense of touch. Must we really remind ourselves of the importance of caring for our skin and taking the time to pamper it? 

We have already seen the properties and benefits of hyaluronic acid and have recalled how important it is to dedicate time to ourselves and to caring for our skin. Now we just need to delve a little deeper into the "how” of it all, in other words, how to make hyaluronic acid and our skin meet in the best possible way through our daily routine.

Now that we have shed light on the benefits of hyaluronic acid for our skin, it’s time to take a step-by-step look at the MartiDerm daily routine that can give you the cared-for skin you deserve. Here we go!

1. Once you have removed any small impurities from your face with a good gel facial cleanser, our first step will be to use an eye contour product. Before rushing in, remember we are talking about a very specific area where the skin is different to that of the rest of our face. That’s why we not only have to give it special treatment, but also use a dedicated product. Sublime Expert Eye Contour is the best choice, not only because it has hyaluronic acid (which it does), but because, among other things, it will improve the colour of dark circles by around 20%* and increase firmness in the area by some 15%*, while at the same time making your eyes brighter.

Sublime Expert Eye Contour, contorno de ojos con ácido hialurónico

2. Having checked off the previous step, we now enter the world of serums, which can come in an ampoule, dispenser or shot format. Remember, a well-designed routine will have serums for different uses according to our skin needs.

a. Ampoule format: Photo Age HA+ ampoules are your go-to choice. This easy-to-absorb serum not only moisturises and brightens your skin, it helps smooth the appearance of wrinkles and reduces the signs of photoaging thanks to the antioxidant power of Vitamin C-Tech together with Proteum 89+, the proteoglycan exclusive to MartiDerm.

Photo Age HA+, ampollas con ácido hialurónico

b. Shot format: If you prefer the shot format, your best partner for both day and night is the Hyaluronic Firm Shot. This concentrated gel combines five types of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights to provide intense, lasting moisturisation.

Clinical studies speak to the benefits of this product, with astonishing figures like 100%** of users who try Hyaluronic Firm Shot saying it moisturises their skin immediately.

Shot Hyaluronic Firm, sérum con ácido hialurónico

3. Our facial routine doesn't end with serums. We're almost done, but we still have a couple of other important steps to take to pamper our skin. Now it’s time for a cream, specifically Amatist Day Cream, featuring actives such as Phyto-Retinol and Rosehip to bring out the best in mature skin, making it feel luminous and vital at all times.

Amatist Day Cream, crema para pieles maduras y para disimular los efectos del paso del tiempo en la piel

4. We couldn't finish our daily routine without the final touch. This involves applying a lip contour product to renew the appearance of one of the main areas people look at. Lip Supreme Balm has it covered. But don't take our word for it. Clinical studies show that 87%, 84% and 84%**** of users, respectively, find it makes their lips moisturised, silkier and brighter.

Lip Supreme Balm, bálsamo labial con ácido hialurónico

These results are possible thanks to the presence of actives like hyaluronic acid and 3D-Peptide that enable our balm to add volume, plump and define the lips for a natural shine and fresh feel.

We bet that by now you’re practically an expert on hyaluronic acid, its benefits and how bringing products that contain it into your daily routine can only be good for you and your skin. 

If this article has triggered your interest, don't forget that at MartiDerm we have the widest range of products with hyaluronic acid you can leverage to design a facial routine for perfect skin. Are you in?


*According to an in vivo clinical study in 22 women aged 34 to 54 under dermatological and ophthalmological control. Immediate effect after a single application. Improved firmness as tested with a Cutometer MPA580 after applying the product twice a day (morning and night) for 28 days. Immediate and long-term antiaging efficacy under dermatological control. Ref:VV_ET-16/20DXT2(DF)B_071_21_001

**According to a clinical study under dermatological control in 30 men and women aged 25 to 50. After applying the product twice a day, morning and night, for 56 days. Reference 1. Use test under dermatological control. Immediate moisturising. Ref: E210523RD. 

***According to an in vivo clinical study in 22 women aged 44 to 69 under dermatological control. Objective determination of anti-wrinkle efficacy via topometry (FROTIS) after 28 days of use twice a day. Anti-wrinkle efficacy under dermatological control and subjective assessment. Ref: 14-1193/0; 13-1084/0 / 13.0468.

****According to an in vivo clinical study in 31 women aged 41 to 60 under dermatological control. Objective determination of maximum improvement in lip roughness using AEVA-HE fringe projection technology after 28 days of use twice a day. Use test under dermatological control and subjective assessment. Ref: 11880919.A.

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