MartiDerm ampoules: La Fórmula for younger skin

MartiDerm ampoules are a flagship of the brand that thousands of people having been using in their daily routine for decades. They consist of serums with formulas rich in actives such as proteoglycans and pure vitamin C to help your skin look young and moist. Read on for more about the best ampoules for your complexion!

A key feature of MartiDerm ampoules is that they are made from topaz glass to keep the atmosphere inert and prevent the pure vitamin C from oxidising in contact with light or air.

The vitamin C, proteoglycans and other actives in these small glass bottles make treatments that are perfect for each skin need and which you can leverage in your daily routine. Remember, they are treatment ampoules, not products for occasional use, so you can include them in your day and night skincare routine for multiple benefits such as the ones explained below.

MartiDerm ampoules for each need - which is best for your skin?

At MartiDerm we know each person’s skin is different. That’s why we’ve spent decades making groundbreaking formulas for each skin type and all skin needs. Pinpoint what your skin needs now so you can find the MartiDerm ampoule that best suits your complexion:

Younger skin in 4 weeks

Yes, you can get younger skin in just four weeks - with Skin Complex Advanced ampoules. Using them every day and night will intensely nourish your face, treat chronoaging and lift lacklustre skin with a formula that combines Proteum 89+, the proteoglycan exclusive to MartiDerm, and vitamin C-Tech, which acts as an antioxidant to improve collagen synthesis for a repairing and brightening effect.

Skin Complex Advanced ampoules are especially indicated for dehydrated and dull skin with expression lines or signs of sagging you wish to reduce. Their proven efficacy ensures skin looks up to 88%* more hydrated and wrinkles are reduced by up to 52%*.

Ampolla MartiDerm Skin Complex Advanced

Instant moisturisation

If you’re after a product that moisturises instantly, reduces expression lines and wrinkles and protects your face from the daily aggressions to which it can be exposed, MartiDerm Photo Age HA+ ampoules are for you. This daily use product is quickly absorbed to hydrate and brighten the skin for a firming effect.

Each Photo Age HA+ ampoule combines the Proteum 89+ proteoglycan with vitamin C-Tech and hyaluronic acid, an active famous for its plumping and firming effect, to give you up to 39% more hydrated skin**.

Ampolla MartiDerm Photo Age HA+

Moisturising efficacy with colour and sun protection

Moisturisation and sunscreen are cornerstones of a daily skincare routine. That’s why we created MartiDerm Formula Nº10 ampoules HD Color Touch SPF30, a tinted cream that evens tone and adds a touch of colour to your skin. It also combines vitamin C-Tech, proteoglycans and sunscreen to prevent photoaging from UVA/UVB rays and HEV or ‘blue light’, the rays that stem from the electronic devices we spend much of the day using (mobile phones, computers, tablets and more).

This fusion of actives and benefits is found in our Formula Nº10 HD Color Touch SPF30 ampoules which give you 97%*** more luminous skin and a 94%*** more even and hydrated skin tone with daily use.

Ampolla MartiDerm Formula Nº10 HD Color Touch SPF30

How are MartiDerm ampoules applied?

MartiDerm ampoules are designed with the innovative ‘easy open’ system so that, as the name suggests, they can be opened and used quickly and safely. The step-by-step guide to opening and using our ampoules:

  1. Shake the ampoule gently.
  2. Place it on a smooth, flat surface. Find the Easy Open device in the MartiDerm ampoule box and place it on the glass ampoule, pressing down gently until you hear a ‘click’.
  3. Carefully remove the Easy Open and the top of the ampoule and place them to one side.
  4. Put the dispenser on the ampoule as far as the line.
  5. Tip the content of the ampoule into the palm of your hand and apply directly to your face, neck and neckline, massaging in gently until fully absorbed.
  6. Finally, put the lid back on the dispenser and store the ampoule in a safe place.

Repeat every day, right after applying your facial cleanser, to get the full benefits from your MartiDerm ampoules and enjoy younger-looking skin. What are you waiting for?


* Antiaging efficacy of Skin Complex Advanced under dermatological control. Maximum values. Ref: 13820520.A.

** In-vivo clinical study of in-vitro type I collagen synthesis. Ref: INF.698.07.04.

***Study of moisturising and firming efficacy under dermatological control. Subjective assessment. Ref: VV_ET-9B/30DXT2(D)-A_071_21_001.

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