5 ou 1 ampoule

Flash ampoules

The Flash ampoule is a formula created to obtain an immediate lifting and anti-fatigue effect and for more moisturised and glowing skin

The Flash ampoule is a formula created to obtain an immediate lifting and anti-fatigue effect and for more moisturised and glowing skin

Basic information

All skin types
5 ou 1 ampoule

Hyaluronic acid and silicon complex

Dual effect: moisturising and renewing.

Tightening proteins

Immediate lifting effect.

There is no specific age for the use of our ampoules; it will depend on each skin type and condition. We have three ranges of ampoules that cover different aspects and needs of the skin:

  • Proteos Hydra Plus, Proteos Hydra Plus SP and Proteos Liposome ampoules from our The Originals range: moisturising and antioxidant.
  • Photo-Age and Night Renew ampoules from our Platinum range: to repair and treat wrinkles, renew the skin and protect it from photoaging.
  • Skin Complex ampoules from our Black Diamond range: combine high technology with the most current active ingredients. Intensive ultra-moisturising anti-wrinkle, antioxidant and multivitamin treatment.

Of course all these are for adults. Normally the Skin Complex products tend to go better with dry skin that is more mature given its texture.

Once opened, the properties of the ampoules stay in optimal condition for approximately 24 hours. From that moment on, their active ingredients progressively lose their effectiveness due to oxidation. We recommend keeping them in a cool, dry place (even in the fridge), out of sunlight.

Apply the ampoules in the morning or at night, or in both cases and according to the beauty routine. If they are applied once a day, it is preferable to do so during the day to take advantage of the antioxidant properties of the vitamins they contain.

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Application mode

Application mode

Flash ampoules work by instantly brightening the skin and reducing the fatigue effect. Skin looks more moisturised and supple from the first moment.

  1. Shake the ampoule gently. 
  2. Use the Easy Open to open the ampoule, following the instructions on the box.
  3. Apply half an ampoule to the face, neck and neckline after your usual cosmetic care. 
  4. Massage in gently until fully absorbed.

Clinical studies

Caja de martiderm flash 1 ampolla
19 %
Immediate moisturising.
90 %
of participants said they saw an immediate anti-fatigue effect.
77 %
of participants said the study product smoothed their wrinkles.
of participants said their skin looked brighter after using the product.


In vivo clinical study on 31 women and men aged 22 to 57 under dermatological control. Determination of moisturising and immediate firming power using a Corneometer® CM825 and Cutometer® MPA580, respectively, after a single application. Subjective evaluation by participants.  



Dry skin

La acabo de probar y el resultado es excelente,la hidratación es inmediata y la luminosidad espectacular

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Oily skin