Revive your skin after acne treatment with the new Acniover Restore range from MartiDerm

Acne is a very common skin condition that mainly affects areas with many sebaceous glands, such as the face, chest and upper back. It is common to turn to retinoid treatments for help, since they act by unblocking pores, regulating sebum production and stimulating cell renewal and collagen production. These benefits, together with their anti-inflammatory properties, will give you smooth, even skin.

Although retinoid treatments are effective, they can have side effects in some people. The most common is skin dryness, which can cause a feeling of tightness, mild flaking or itching and, exceptionally, severe irritation. The desiccant nature of retinoids can also dehydrate the lips, leaving them parched and cracked, and can sometimes have a light peeling effect due to the cell renewal process.

Combatir los efectos secundarios de los retinoides

What can we do to combat these retinoid side effects?

To combat treatment-driven dryness, sensitivity, irritation and possible skin reddening it is important to follow a facial routine that guarantees proper cleansing and moisturisation. They are the two essentials to keeping skin healthy, bright and acne-free, in addition to subsequently protecting it with broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Another essential point for caring for your skin after a retinoid treatment is to use products specially formulated for acne-prone skin that are soap and perfume-free and which have a balanced mix of ingredients and actives to soothe and intensively nourish the skin.

MartiDerm has pioneered two innovative products for skin left dry and sensitised by desiccant treatments:

1. Acniover Restore Soft Cleansing Cream

Once all makeup has been removed it is essential to clean the skin well without damaging its delicate structure. That makes MartiDerm's Acniover Soft Cleansing Cream your ideal partner, since it produces mild yet effective cleansing, removing all impurities and giving you a feeling of comfort. Its clinically proven formula helps relieve and reduce skin sensitivity, crucial for efficiently combating the side effects of retinoids. A vital step in our face care routine.

The formula of new Acniover Soft Cleansing Cream respects the skin pH to maintain its natural balance. It also includes prebiotics that help balance and shore up the skin microbiota, in addition to Shea Butter and vitamins A and D for a nourishing, antioxidant, repairing and protective function. 87% of users say it works on dryness1 and 94% say it delivers a feeling of comfort2.

Acniover Crema Limpiadora Suave

2. Acniover Restoring Cream

The second step in fighting the side effects of retinoid treatments is to use a cream that revives and nourishes the skin. MartiDerm therefore presents new Acniover Restoring Cream which repairs, relieves and moisturises the skin in-depth thanks to the actives that keep up an optimum water level.

Actives such as Smart Moisturizing and the prebiotics in new Acniover Restoring Cream help balance and shore up the skin microbiota, creating a stronger protection barrier and significantly reducing retinoid-driven irritation and dryness. The noncomedogenic formula stops pores from getting blocked and includes anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness.

Acniover Crema Restauradora

3. Mineral [D] Fluid SPF50 Sunscreen

Finally, but no less importantly, it is essential to protect your skin from the sun. Using broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, even if you are not directly exposed to UV radiation, is key to preventing damage and keeping your skin looking healthy and bright.

Mineral [D] Fluid SPF50 sunscreen by MartiDerm has a fluid texture and has been exclusively formulated with mineral filters and prebiotics for sensitive skin, such as that affected by retinoid treatments. Apply to the face, neck and neckline 30 minutes before exposure to the sun. And for days when you are heading into the office or just want to step out with a touch of makeup on, remember to apply sunscreen under your foundation.

Protector Solar Mineral SPF 50

Finally, everyone is unique, so make sure you check in with your dermatologist on a regular basis and follow these steps for healthy, beautiful skin!

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