MartiDerm Solidarity Work: 2022 Results Helping is in our DNA

The solidarity flea market, our star project

The idea of organising solidarity flea markets for MartiDerm employees every two months continued in 2022. The dynamic is simple: the company supplies the product (which employees can access at very attractive prices) and the employees propose different social causes to support with 100% of the proceeds.

With this initiative, our solidarity work obtains resources it can in turn leverage to engage in different social initiatives.

In 2022 we were pleased to partner with:

Solidarity Hot Chocolate: For the fourth year in a row we joined in the hot chocolate charity drive that Sant Joan de Déu Hospital organises in Barcelona each year to raise funds for the fight against childhood cancer. The company leveraged the ‘giving match’ formula to match the amount the employees raised and double the donation at the event! 

War in Ukraine: we were also very satisfied with our first solidarity flea market of the year, where the proceeds went to help refugees from the war in Ukraine. In addition to the amounts raised from the market we donated hand creams and other products to support the Red Cross’s refugee welcome.

Malawi: Our work in Malawi combines solidarity dermatology, the local production and distribution of scabies medication and the awarding of grants to young Malawi health science students. We signed a new agreement with our partner Active Africa that will let us merge projects to improve our work that benefits over 4,000 people each year.


International Women’s Day: IWD is important for us because of the strong female presence in the company and because our range of skincare products is largely targeted at them. Through our charity arm we bring together six organisations dedicated to helping women’s health (cancer, multiple sclerosis, mental health) or social exclusion (immigration, poverty, prison and social reintegration). We also organised the second solidarity flea market of the year and our socially driven procurement of roses, bookmarks and biscuits for different organisations. 

Spanish Red Cross: In May we ran our annual campaign for elder persons attended by the Red Cross. (Also) We renewed the established agreement for the tenth year. To celebrate, 10,000 elderly people from across Spain were given a pack of creams and training in skincare. The onsite training course was run by our sales team.
Third and Fourth Solidarity Flea Markets: We organised our third solidarity flea market in early summer, allocating the proceeds to the cause of disability as part of the workplace integration of people with a disability project that is a charity sector pioneer. Another part of the funds went to support a Paralympic sportsperson who we visited at the Sant Cugat high performance sports centre.

We held our fourth and final solidarity flea market of the year in November. In this case, and due to the financial situation, we chose to support two poverty charities, the food poverty initiative run by Càritas and an energy poverty campaign with the Red Cross.

Santa Anna Field Hospital: We have partnered with the field hospital since 2019, providing compounding formulas for treatments made in the Martí pharmacy and donating creams from our charity arm. In 2022, we dropped in at the hospital for its Open Day event, with volunteers from our Cervelló head office engaging in the visit. 
And before leaving for the Christmas holidays the Cervelló team collected food (for the Cottolengo association) and added the collection of toys for the first time, too!

At MartiDerm we believe that a responsible company is also one that moves society forwards. Helping the people who need it most is our trademark way of moving the dial. In 2022 we raised more money, attended more people and engaged in more causes than the previous year. Growing our values and delivering team results is just as or even more important for us.


In 2021 we supported 7 social causes and we are proud to say that this year we supported north of eight! 

So once again....thank you for being part of the MartiDerm project! Together we are unstoppable!


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