Achieve a lifting effect for your skin and redefine your facial contour with new Collagen Lift serum from MartiDerm

Did you know collagen is the most abundant protein in the body? Collagen makes up 50-70% of your skin structure and its function is essential to keeping the complexion soft, smooth, and wrinkle-free, in addition to being vital to its renewal process and to delay aging.

However, after the age of 30, fibroblasts -the cells that produce collagen and elastin- become less active and collagen production slows down, leading to less-dense skin with a poorer hold, the onset of the first wrinkles and signs of sagging. This is a natural and inevitable process, but other factors such as overexposure to the sun, an unhealthy diet, smoking, drinking and not getting enough sleep are also influential and can determine skin firmness and suppleness.

Collagen Lift Shot Serum Concentrado

Whatever the trigger, it is essential to include products in your daily routine that prevent the appearance of these expression lines. Following a complete facial routine to ensure your complexion is always well moisturised and protected from these factors is the key to smooth young skin.

Shot Collagen Lift MartiDerm

Shot Collagen Lift

Collagen Lift is the new shot of serum from MartiDerm to offset natural loss due to age and other external factors. The innovative formula combines 1% Bio-Tech Collagen, the active fraction of collagen, with Lupeol for maximum efficacy and to boost collagen synthesis by 2.5%1.

Regular application will deliver a lifting effect of up to 87%2 on the skin, leaving it revitalised, nourished and even. It will reduce sagging of the facial contour for enhanced definition in areas like the cheeks, chin and jawline, among others. 78% users confirm it!3

The new serum has a non-greasy cremigel texture that aids rapid absorption in the skin. To get the most out of this new MartiDerm serum, apply it to clean skin before your regular cream. Frequent application in your daily routine will give you plumper, redefined skin and a lifting effect.


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