The definitive solution for each skin need: discover the 6 MartiDerm Shots

Dehydrated or dull skin with blemishes, sagging, wrinkles... these are just some examples of what can happen to our skin over time. That’s why MartiDerm, the dermocosmetic industry benchmark, offers best in-class antiaging results with the Shots range, leveraging the synergy and combination of two pure actives to deliver maximum efficacy for superior results.

The Shots range by MartiDerm covers 6 highly concentrated daily-use serums specifically formulated to address each of the six essential needs of our skin. Use them after cleansing your face and before your daily cream to fight the effects of aging.

Shots de Martiderm: sérum concentrado

6 shots for 6 skin needs

Dehydrated and dull skin

Skin dehydration is very common as we age. The Hyaluronic Firm shot by MartiDerm, comprising Hyaluronic Acid (2.5%) and Proteum 89+, delivers intense, long-lasting moisturisation. It raises skin hydration by 88%1 after a single application.

Dehydrated skin in turn produces a dull complexion. In this case, the Vitamin C Antiox shot from MartiDerm has the brightness and antioxidant effect you need. The innovative formula enriched with 15% pure Vitamin C and ginger has a synergistic effect that triples its antioxidant power and revitalises and brightens the complexion.

Shots y sérums para piel deshidratada y apagada

Wrinkles, expression lines and sagging

Over the years, collagen -the main protein involved in keeping skin firm and supple- starts to decrease, causing the onset of wrinkles and loss of skin firmness. To address this challenge, MartiDerm presents two effective, lasting solutions to keep skin looking younger and brighter for longer: the Retinol Renew rejuvenating shot and new Collagen Lift.

Retinol Renew makes 31% of wrinkles disappear2 thanks to the combination of Retinol + Niacinamide. 89% of users confirm its impressive effectiveness3. Meanwhile, the pioneering Collagen Lift shot, the newest release from the MartiDerm shots range, delivers a dramatic lifting effect of up to 87%4. The advanced formula includes 1% Bio-Tech Collagen -the active fraction of collagen that ensures enhanced skin absorption- boosted by Lupeol to maximise effectiveness.

Shots y sérums concentrados para las arrugas

Blemishes and dark spots

It’s not unusual for our skin to have several blemishes: acne, wrinkles, sun spots or blackheads. MartiDerm has developed effective solutions to address their appearance directly and intensively.

One is the Salicylic Imperfections shot containing Salicylic Acid and tea tree extracts. This powerful combination delivers a purifying and rebalancing action that helps restore the skin and make it more even.

To reduce dark spots, MartiDerm has designed the Arbutin Dark Spots shot that harnesses a depigmenting function and Enoxolone -an acid with soothing and repairing properties- to act effectively on skin hyperpigmentation, cutting melanin production by 88%5.

Shots y sérums concentrados para imperfecciones y manchas

6 MartiDerm solutions for 6 skin needs!

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