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MartiDerm endeavours to offer solutions for all kinds of skin needs and with Amatist we want to focus on more experienced skin.

What happens during perimenopause and/or menopause? 

Perimenopause is the process that precedes menopause and whereby a woman's body starts to prepare for the changes to come.

Menopause is the natural cessation of a woman’s menstrual cycle. The ovaries produce less oestrogen, the hormone responsible for functions including aiding the formation of collagen, elastin (tasked with skin resistance and turgor) and hyaluronic acid (providing moisturisation, stability, protection and helping to renew the skin).

Therefore, this reduction in oestrogen has a direct and visible impact on the skin: 

- Reduction in skin thickness

- Gradual loss of its structural function

- Dehydration and wrinkles

- Thinner, sagging skin

- Easily broken capillaries

What does mature or experienced skin need? 

Gentle cleansing, highly nourishing and skin-restorative products and a clear, simple and effective day and night routine. Sometimes it is preferable to minimise the number of products and trust in the effectiveness of the ingredients with proven efficacy After all, treatment effectiveness depends mainly on sticking with it.

Amatist, expansion of the Martiderm range for experienced skin

Amatist Serum

The serum with actives that help fight aging while delivering elasticity, brightness and firmness. 

These are the main ingredients:

Phyto-retinol: exclusive complex of plant extracts that acts in a similar way to retinoids to reduce expression lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture without photosensitisation or irritation. 

3% Proteoglycans: improve moisturisation and prevent skin aging. 

Arginine PCA: Present in Amatist Serum, it prevents and repairs aging caused by glycation. Leaves skin brighter, more even and firm.

Amethyst: the micronised amethyst extract enhances the mechanical properties of the skin charged with its firmness and elasticity, revitalising, regenerating and protecting it. 

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We also have the second release:

Amatist Capsules

A food supplement to fight tiredness and fatigue and improve muscle strength, boost energy, reduce stress and promote joint health. 

The main ingredients of Amatist Capsules are:

Hyaluronic acid: provides moisturisation 

Vitamins E, A and C: provide an antioxidant power

Extract of Withania somnifera (L): Helps improve stress levels.

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AMATIST covers all mature skin needs because it was inspired by the qualities of women with experience. 

MartiDerm believes all skin is beautiful and requires care. That is why we do our bit to cover all skin needs. 

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