Discover the best skincare routine this autumn

Autumn is coming and that means a change of weather. The cold, wind and rain that characterise this season can cause dryness, loss of radiance and lack of elasticity in our skin, making us look tired and run down. Special care is the order of the day.

Other causes such as temperature changes (heating), lower humidity and increased pollution can aggravate autumn's impact on the skin, giving us a drier, tighter complexion that is more sensitive and less elastic, so we have to establish a routine adapted to the new season. Here's how.

Cuidado del contorno de los ojos

3 steps to perfect skin

The contour

At this time of year, there is one part of the skin you need to be especially careful with: the eye contour. This highly sensitive area can be damaged by the cold. For overall care, MartiDerm has Sublime Expert Eye Contour, a treatment that comes with a metal applicator and reduces the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles, moisturises and firms, making your eyes radiant again.

The serum

An essential step we mustn't forget is serum, a highly concentrated treatment that penetrates the deepest layers of the skin and helps ward off the effects of cold.

MartiDerm has different serums to cover various needs and skin types. To combat the impact of the autumnal weather, the ideal serum is Skin Complex Advanced, thanks to its formula combining 15% Vitamin C-Tech with the latest-generation proteoglycan, Proteum 89+. While Vitamin C is a great way to brighten the skin and keep your complexion elastic and taut, Proteoglycans deeply moisturise and firm for perfect skin during the cold season.

Sérum de MartiDerm

The cream

To end our facial routine, we need moisturiser to nourish and repair the skin. Epigence 145 Cream from MartiDerm is designed for all skin types and formulated according to epigenetic criteria. Its actives reinvigorate the cells' regenerative capacity and boost the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, delivering greater firmness and elasticity and helping your complexion improve its ability to pivot to environmental changes.

These 3 simple steps will give you deeply hydrated, smooth and luminous skin. Get ready for the new season and enjoy the ritual of caring for your complexion with MartiDerm's La Fórmula.

Crema hidratante

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